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Gaia isolated herself temporarily from the others. 6 days since Druig slept with Tammy. Anger and sadness has consumed her. Her dreams have been getting weirder and weirder every night. Currently it's a very odd instance that is kind of creepy honestly, especially after everything that happened.

"Alright, now big step. Big step!"

Nina stands up and she wobbles back and forth on her legs. Druig says "Come on Nini. Come to me. Come to Dadda." Nina squeals and falls on her behind. I smile to her and say "Whoopsie! Let's get you back up to your feet. Dee, call her to you."

He sighs and pats the ground "Nini come on, take a step. Gaia we are getting nowhere with this."

I shake my head and say "Tape a smile on your face and encourage our daughter now." He sighs and smiles "Come on Nini. Come to Dadda." She squeals and shouts "Dada!" I nod and say "That's right. Come on sweets."

Nina looks to Druig and I look up to see Druig's eyes golden. I huff and say "Druig!" He looks up his eyes now blue again. He smiles innocently and says "Yes Gaia?" I raise an eyebrow and say "What did I say about controlling our human daughter?"

"I am starving, she's not going to take a step yet. Don't rush her."

I sigh and say "It's important to keep motor-"

"She's a baby. Not a car. She'll start walking when she's ready."

I cross my arms and say "Come on Neen's lets go get you a bottle. Dada can clean up this mess." He says "Gaia.." I nod and say "It's fine. We're going to go start dinner. Isn't that right bubs? Yup. Wave bye bye to dada."

Nina waves to Druig and I bounce her on my hip as we walk away. Druig looks down to the scattered baby toys and other necessities and mutters "Where's a human when I need to control one."

"We heard that!"

Druig mutters "Wasn't hiding that comment from you."

Gaia's eyes open and the white wears off quickly. She gasps and says "What the fuck." She shakes her head and stands up to go wash her face. What the actual hell. A few days ago she saw Druig brutally get killed in a deviant attack and she couldn't move or help because Kingo was holding her back. She woke up feeling like complete garbage. It's beginning to get concerning. She's keeping that information to herself. Until she fully knows what the hell is happening.

Gaia steps out of her room at this rare occasion and stands in the kitchen. Sprite says "We made pancakes."

I nod and I sit down beside Sersi and Makkari. Sersi squeezes my hand from under the table and I rest my head on her shoulder

I look around the area attempting to locate Druig.

Ikaris says "He's not here." I meet his eyes and nod. Why is he growing on me? Kingo says "A pancake in the shape of a heart for my heart, Gaia." He sets it down in front of me and I begin to laugh loudly. Sersi gasps as she looks down and breaks into a fit of giggles. Makkari laughs and kingo says "What?? What?? It's a heart!"

Ikaris chuckles and Gilgamesh says "Well, I don't think your heart is located below the waist like that thing is."

Kingo gasps and says "It does not look like a peni— oh my god. Gaia! I'm so-" I laugh loudly and Ajak smiles to me. She ruffles my hair and says "It's good to see you smiling again, my dear." I nod and say "Kingo I think you made this pancake look even more appealing as this shape."

He says "Gross. But not gross. Go for it."

We talk and laugh over breakfast and sprite says "Phastos created this thing called a bike. It's cooler then a scooter and you should have seen it. You can go pretty fast on it." Phastos nods and says "Kingo won't be the one trying it out though. Especially after what happened last time."

I chime in "What happened last time?"

Kingo groans and says "Nothing! Nothing."

Sprite goes into a fit of giggles and says "I'm so making a story out of that moment."

Kingo glares at Sprite and says "Don't you dare."

I eat my pancakes and I say "So where is he?" Makkari signs "No where important. Let's not talk about him."

"Seriously. Where is he?"

Kingo says "He's in town working on something for Ajak." I nod and say "If he comes back tell him I want to speak with him."


I look up suddenly and Sprite says "What?"

I shake my head and Sersi says "Gaia? You alright?"

I nod and swallow hard on my water. I rub my temples and Sprite says "Gaia?" I groan and say "I need a nap. I also need coffee." Phastos slides me a cup and I hear it again.


My eyes widen and I stand up irritated. I walk out the front door and Makkari looks around confused as she stands up. I sigh as I approach him.


a/n: super short chapter, I think I may have gone toxic last chapter oof. This is a druig fic and I was using my own experiences into the chapter. :( Should I reverse back and go with this direction. Can anyone tell what I'm hinting to here? I feel like it's cheesy but I feel bad now. I made Druig a meanie... should I rewrite it? Make him beg instead or just make his forgiveness path difficult? Please leave thoughts, I feel the guilt lmao

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