6- Oh hell no !

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Cooper pov

Its been about 10 minutes since the phone call and me and my entire family were waiting anxiously. "Okay let's just go and find her " I said irritated. If it was anyone else that elbowed me , they would've been dead by now. But she is my sister and I've been waiting for her for 11 years , it has been long enough.It is time that she comes home.

"She'll come"my mom said trying to convince me but herself too. "She won't risk their safety"Ben said pointing at the Diaz family. "Are you guys sure this is the right thing to do , she ran away for a reason." Mags said softly and shyly. We all looked at each other until Sabrina slowly approached Maggie who was sitting on the couch.The family never told Maggie what really happened so she was extremely confused to why Michelle would want to run away.

Sabrina sat next to her "Listen mags, you know we sent Michelle away, well that was because I told a lie , a lie that hurt Michelle alot, and I want nothing else in the world than to make things right ,I think we all do" she said looking at her the rest of us.

"Yeah mags, Brina is right we all hurt Michelle but she is our sister and we are her family, together we're going to make it right." I said calmy looking at my baby sister.

Maggie wanted to say something but was stopped when we heard the front door being opened. All of us rushed to the door and when it opened there she stood, Ellie.

Ricardo pov

I couldn't believe it my baby, there she stood.She is beautiful. she's short,with long blond hair and her beautiful ocean blue eyes. Just like me ,she and Ben were the only ones that inherited my eyes. The rest of my kids got my wife's emerald green eyes.

It looked as if she was crying before she came here, and I hated it. She was probably crying because of us, but she has to understand we're only doing what's best for her.

"My baby" my wife said while she went closer to hug her. But Ellie quickly moved back and snapped "don't touch me!". That broke my wife's heart I could see it on her face, but it hurt us all to see she doesn't want to hug her mother.

Sabrina pov

When she stood at that door , I was flooded with guilt and regret and realized just how much I missed my little sister. She looked at us like we were her mortal enemies with a look in her eyes filled with hatred.

I don't blame her though,what me and my mom did was horrible and unforgivable. But I won't stop trying to get her to forgive me no matter how long it takes.

Mom went closer and tried to hug her but she moved back and told her not to touch her. That hurt us all ,seeing that she doesn't even want to hug mom.

Michelle pov

After I left Carmen's house I was finally back at mine. I sat in the car for about 1 minute getting myself together and then decided to walk to door.

When I got at the door I let out a sigh while I was unlocking it. "Get ready for the shitshow" I wispered to myself.

When I got in the house ,I closed the door and turned around
And who would've guessed there they stood, all 8 of them in the flesh. I just stared at them with hate in my eyes. My 'mother' Vivian said "My baby" and came closer to hug me. I immediately moved back.

Oh hell no!Who does this lady think she is , she gets me shipped off to a hell hole and now she wants to sing kumbaja. Nope , no thank you. So I snapped "Don't touch my!"

"Where is my family?" I asked angry but calm. "We are right here, sorella" another girl said. When I saw her face I knew it was Sabrina , I'll never forget that face.

"Oh please stop this bullshit, you're not my family, you haven't been my family for 11 years nor will you be my family ever again. So where are they?" I said losing my patience.

They were hurt by what I said, but like I said before I couldn't care less, some of them did cover it up though. Bear I asume pointed to the living room, I immediately ran past them.

"Mom, are you guys ok, did they hurt you?" I asked concerned hugging mom, cammy and El. "We are fine" my mom said while signing so Cammy could understand.

"Now that you've seen they are fine and well, it is time to go Principessa" The oldest man said, I'm guessing he is the father.

"And if I don't want to" I asked challenging while holding Eleanor and Cammy's hand. Cooper was the one who spoke next "Well dear sister , since you've already showed you're will of not wanting to cooperate we will have to do it by force and who knows maybe your little 'family' and friends can get hurt in the process, you don't want that do you?." He said evil.

Bernardo slapped Cooper at the back of the head after he finished his not so subtle threat and the other family members glared at him."We don't want to do it that way , just come with us and no one wil get hurt , I promise you"Isabella said.

I scoffed "you promise?, you made a promise to protect me when I was little. Remember that? Where did that promise go ,huh?" They looked guilty, "Elle, I'm.." Sabrina started.

"Just don't okay" I said defeated. I felt someone pulling my arm. When I turned around it was Cammy. "Are you leaving us for them" Cammy signed. I crouched so I could be at level

"Never, Cammy I don't want to go but I have to okay ,because if anything ever where to happen to you, mom or El my heart would break" I signed with tears forming in my eyes.

"But they told El you're not our sister, is it true?" He signed. I was livid who the fuck do these people think they are. " Cammy , on a piece of paper it is going to say that I am not you're sister by blood. But that paper can go suck it" I signed causing cammy to laugh. "Language"mom said slapping me on my shoulder. I just smiled.

"As far as I am concerned you are my little brother, Nonna is my mom and no matter how irritating Eleanor is she is my sister and no one, no one in the whole world can change my mind about that. And don't you ever forget about how much I love you." I sign/said with tears rolling over my cheek.

"Oh don't cry" I said while wiping away Cammy's tears. I'm going to miss you" he sighs while sniffing. I pulled him into a tight hug. I don't want to leave this sucks.

"Does this mean I can get your room" Eleanor jokes /and sign through the tears."Eleanor" my mom scolded. I just stated to laugh while wiping away my tears. "Let's go pack your things" Isabella said. I got up from my crouching position and walked towards my room with Isabella and Sabrina behind me.

They are watching me like a hawk, guess there is really no way out of this one.Shit

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