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Peter never left his room ever since Valen had died. He only came out to use the restroom or eat, but even eating was a hard thing to do. She had been gone only for four days, but it was devastating to Peter.

May softly knocked on his door before opening it. "Hey honey. It's nice out today. Would you like to go outside with me? We could do some running around, maybe go on a walk."

Go on a walk Peter thought. He loved going on walks. Something he did all the time. Then when he met Valen, he finally had someone to go with him everytime he wanted to go. Valen.

Tears welled up in his eyes. "I don't want to go out on a walk with you Aunt May." The words spilled out with anger laced onto each syllable.

Aunt May understood he wasn't actually mad at her. She just hated seeing him in pain. "Okay. Small steps then. Take a shower today."

Peter didn't respond to her. He kept his back to her, waiting for her to shut his door. Aunt May nodded in defat knowing even that wouldn't happen today. She shut his door to let him be by himself.

Not knowing what to do, May first tried getting Peter's friends Ned and MJ to call him. She hoped that his friends would be the people to get him to do something.

Peter's phone started ringing. He rolled over quickly hoping with his whole heart that it was Valen saying she was alive. Full disappointment hit him like brick when he saw it was Ned. He hung up and rolled back over. The phone wouldn't stop though. He knew it was still Ned. Finally having enough, Peter rolled back over to grab his phone. As hard as he could, he threw the phone on the floor, breaking it.

Silence was the only thing left in his room. He sniffled before soft sobs returned. He thought how he was never going to see the one he loved again. He thought about first meeting her, how quiet she was, her black hair that grew back out to silver, their walks, how she wouldn't eat anything unless tested first. Then over time she trusted everyone. She talked, smiled, laughed, ate anything in sight. He missed her.


"Hey Peter. It's time to get up." May cooed. She was trying to be gentle with him, scared of how he was going to act. She didn't know if he was going to cooperate well today.

"I'm not going."

"Out of all the things to get up and out of bed for, it's this." She sat down at the end of the bed where his feet were.


May sighed. "I understand why you don't want to go, but you're going to regret it one day if you don't."

Peter put the blankets over his head not wanting to listen to his aunt any longer.

"Peter Parker. It's been five days since you have left this bed. I know what you are going through, but you need closure. You can't wallow in bed for the rest of your life. You can be sad, in fact I would be worried if you weren't, but you can not stay in bed for another full day again."

Peter slowly removed the covers from his head. His eyes were still red and puffy. "May, it's her funeral."

May's face was full of pity. She knew this wasn't easy for him, but he needed to accept she's not coming back. "I know sweetie. I know. It sucks hard, but you can't hide away from it forever."

Peter sat up with a look of defeat. He knew she was right, but he never wanted to accept it. If he got closure, if he let himself start to heal, then that would mean he would start moving on. He didn't want to move on because what if moving on meant he would forget her.

The two of them started getting ready. May wore a simple black dress, and Peter wore a black suit. The car ride was silent on the way to the compound.

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