7- Leaving home

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Isabella pov

After Bear pointed where the Diaz family were, Michelle immediately ran to them. She immediately asked them if they were ok and if we hurt them. I was hurt that she thought we would hurt them, but we haven't really been the most friendly people.

We all watched as she interacted with them , with love and concern in her voice and eyes but when she looked at us it was only filled with hatred. This isn't the same little Ellie I remember, who used to laugh and giggle at Ben's stupid jokes, brought out the caring and loving side out of Cooper and the little girl who put a smile on my face after I had a horrible day at school. And who loved us all so much.

Dad finally spoke after she gave the Diaz's a hug. He told her that now that she knows they are fine, we have to go. She looked at him and asked challenging "And if I don't want to?" I saw her holding her the girl who I have learned name is Eleanor and the little boys hand. I felt jealous that she loved these people so much who weren't even her real family but yet when she looked at us, her real family she dispised us.

Cooper than aggressively slash threatened "Well dear sister , since you've already showed you're will of not wanting to cooperate we will have to do it by force and who knows maybe your little 'family' and friends can get hurt in the process, you don't want that do you?." Everyone scolded him and Bear slapped him at the back of the head. If she hated us before I'm pretty sure she hates us even more now.

"We don't want to do it that way , just come with us and no one wil get hurt , I promise you"I said trying to just get her to see we only want her back and we don't want to hurt anyone.

She looked at me in disbelief and scoffed "you promise?, you made a promise to protect me when I was little. Remember that? Where did that promise go ,huh?" That hurt like shit, I could see how all my family looked guilty and hurt.Sabrina tried to apologize but was cut off very quickly by Michelle.

The little boy pulled at her arm and then he made movements with his hands, I was very confused, my whole family were.She then crouched down so that she could be at his level

She then too made movements with her hand while speaking, it then made sense he must be deaf . She then told the boy who she called Cammy that she doesn't want to leave but that she has to ,and that if anything ever happened to them her hurt would break.

I looked over to my family who were all watching the scene play out in front of us. Everyone looked at the boy with envy.

"As far as I am concerned you are my little brother, Nonna is my mom and no matter how irritating Eleanor is she is my sister and no one, no one in the whole world can change my mind about that. And don't you ever forget about how much I love you." My entire family looked heartbroken when she said this, I could see how mom was hurt , by the fact that she called that women her mother. But my siblings were hurt too when she called them her sister and brother.

After Eleanor made a joke that caused them to laugh I looked over to dad who nodded at me and Sabrina , "Let's go pack your things" I said sympathetic. She got up from her crouching position and started to walk upstairs with me and Sabrina close behind her.

I can't believe it! My little sister is coming home after fucking 11 long years.

Michelle pov

When we got in my room I saw Sabrina and Isabella looking at my wall filled with pictures of my friends and family . I grabbed a suitcase and started to pack.

"You don't have to pack too much, we can get the things you don't have when we get home" Sabrina said.

Is she serious ,home? Bitch I am home. I just rolled my eyes and finished packing. I looked over to my desk and saw 2 photo frames, one of me, Carmen and Charlie and the other one of me and my family.

I walked over and grabbed it and put it in my bags. "Okay I'm done" I said as I finished packing my bags. We walked back down stairs to see everyone waiting. Nonna, Cammy and El were standing at the bottom of the stairs all with tears.

"Okay time to say goodbye Amore mio" the mother said. I just stared at her and then walked over to my family. "Will we see you again?" Cammy asked /signed.

"Yeah it is only for a little while bud and we'll video call every night, and we can still do our stargazing Friday's but it will only be over face time." I signed to him. I could feel the bio family staring but whatever who cares.

"Promise?" He sign/asked. "Pinky promise" I said back while holding out my pinky,he intertwined his pinky with mine and we both kissed the back of our fists. I pulled him in for a hug and felt something rolling over my cheek. Great here starts the waterworks.

After I hugged him I looked over to Eleanor who was crying. "Guess now you really can't go to that party and still have to do all my chores" I said trying to lighten up the mood.

She just pulled me into a hug and held on tight. "I love you little sis" she whispered to me. When we were done hugging I looked at Nonna and smiled at her while sniffing from all this crying.

She also pulled me into a hug, one that I don't ever want to leave. I felt safe in her arms. After she hugged me she wiped away my tears.

"Aseblief wees veilig en bel my as hulle enige iets aan jou doen.Ek kom haal jou dadelik ek weet nie hoe nie maar ek maak n plan" she said switching to Afrikaans.
(Please be safe and call the moment they do anything to you I will come and get you immediately, I don't know how but I'll make a plan)

Nonna speaks Afrikaans fluently and she taught me as well which comes in handy because it isn't a very common language.

"Moenie worry nie, ek sal fine wees" I said back to her not wanting her to be worried to much.( Don't worry, I'll be fine)

"I love you so much" she said with tears rolling down her face. "I love you too" I said and then pulled her into a hug and I could feel Eleanor and Cammy joining the hug.

Then suddenly I heard one of those assholes clearing their throat. Jeez they have to spoil everything don't they? After that we stopped hugging and I looked at the 3 of them when I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Lets go sorella" Benjamin said. We then started to walk to their very expensive and very fancy cars outside. The Ferrari's were everywhere in front of me , behind me and bloody next to me. Probably scared I'll run off again.

When we got into the car the 'father' opened the door for me and I climbed in. They came in 2 cars. In the other car it was Isabella,Bear, Cooper and Sabrina. And in this car it was me, the father, the mother, Benjamin and a younger girl I think she is my youngest sister Maggie.

The car started to drive and I could see how my house disappeared. Guess this is the part were I am leaving home.

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