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Grace's POV

Today is the first day of college and I'm so excited. Maybe I'd feel a little drained during a short period of time but I don't want to think of the future, all I know is that excitement is killing me right now.

I put my laptop in the bag, my notebooks, pens and pencils and everything I needed then put it on my shoulders. I went to the kitchen and took some water, drinking a bit of it then going towards Ellie's room.

I didn't want to open the door or invade her privacy so I just walked out of the dorm heading to the building of my first class which starts at 8am but it's 7:30 right now, I like being early.

I got to the building and walked around the place, trying to find the place of the lecture for today and finally found it. I walked in and it was still empty so I walked up the stairs and sat in the middle row.

I took my notebook out and wrote the date of the day and took my phone out, scrolling through it and waiting for the others to come.

"Hey nerd" I looked to my side and smiled at Camila as she sat next to me "aren't you a little early?" She asked putting her stuff down "you got here early too"

"Because I knew you'd be here so I came early, just so you won't be alone" I looked away feeling my cheeks redden at what she said, trying to hide my face from her so she wouldn't see me blushing.

"Thank you" she laughed and moved her chair closer to me, looking down at the notebook "what are you writing?"

After a bit students started walking in and sitting down "okay, let's start..shall we?"


I was eating, waiting for my last class to start which starts at 6pm. I looked at the time to see there was 15 minutes left. I cleaned the table and went towards the next class.

Me and Camila had different classes, we only had the first one together but the rest we aren't together in unfortunately.


I put my things back in the bag, being the last to leave class because I stayed for a few more minutes to make sure I had everything written down in my notebook.

I put the bag over my shoulders and walked outside, making my way back to the dorm.

I started feeling a little rain, I just hoped it wasn't a thunder storm because I'm scared of them, my dad died when there was a storm outside and I've been scared of thunders and lightnings since then.

I walked faster, wanting to get to the dorm but it started pouring "come here!" I looked towards who called me, the person not being very clear to me because of the rain and the darkness but they were staying under the place people wait for buses at.

I went there and put my bag next to me as I sat down, seeing Ellie sitting down, her hair wet and shirt wet, showing her black bra from them. Stop lookin Grace.

"You just finished class?" She asked and I nodded my head "yeah I did"

I looked in front of me, seeing the rain still pouring. I heard thunder which made me flinch a little. I took a deep breathe and tried to relax.

"What's wrong?" She asked laughing. I looked at her "I'm scared of thunder"

"Wow you're scared of a lot of things" she said sarcastically. I laughed nervously and nodded "yeah I guess"

I lifted my knees up and wrapped my arms around them, trying to calm down "okay what do you do to calm down?" She asked, I shrugged "my mom used to calm me down by hugging me"

"Oh well I'm definitely not gonna hug you" she said, I smiled weakly and nodded "okay" I said quietly, closing my eyes and trying to think of something other than thunder but I simply can't.

I felt her arm around my shoulder "I'm sorry for making fun of you being scared of things" she said as she side hugged me awkwardly.

Her body was tense and she wasn't really relaxed. I put my legs down and rested my head on her shoulder as she wrapped her other arm around me after a bit of time, pulling me closer to her and hugging me tightly "it's gonna be okay"

I smiled and put my head in the crook of her neck, feeling a little safer and better in her arms "thank you"

"No problem Grace"

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