10 | new place

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"Wait." I pant, rushing to catch up with Aiden.

He strides in the hallway, heading to the elevator.

"Did you really fire him?" I ask breathlessly. "Don't you want to reconsider another option? Like, maybe a suspension, or a warning?"

Even though I don't want to question his decision, I just can't help but blurt out these questions.

"He's in charge for the residents' safety, and he clearly failed," Aiden says without stopping his steps, clenching his fist on his side. "Tonight's shift is under his surveillance, and he's bloody stupid for not recognizing that one of his subordinates has gone mental. Your attacker wasn't supposed to conduct a patrol on this floor tonight."

I swallow. Thinking about that psychopath again makes me shudder.
I follow Aiden when he steps into the elevator.

He presses the button for the top floor, and we wait in silence during the ride before Aiden breaks it, "No one has access to my floor except me and my people. The cards owned by apartment employees and security guards will be denied," he explains, assuring me that no one will ever barge in again like what happened tonight.

Nevertheless, my heart is still beating fast. I still don't know what I'm going to do.

The thought of coming back home to Texas, safe and sound with Mom and Dad, pops up in my head. But I can't just give up like that, can I?

The elevator stops as we reach the highest level of the building. When we step out, two men in black suits are guarding the elevator. I just throw them a glance and follow Aiden.

"My bodyguards always stand by on this floor," he says. "They won't allow other people to come here except for my family and personal assistants."

The hallway looks different than the one for the residents downstairs. This corridor is darker but also looks more extravagant and classy. It definitely belongs to the owner himself, Aiden Klein.

We come to an intersection, and Aiden leads me to take the left path. I glance back at the opposite path and spot a huge double door. It probably leads to his penthouse, guarded by two other bodyguards.

Aiden stops as we reach another double door that's smaller than the one from the other end of the hallway.

"We have an empty suite on this floor, and this will be your new place if you want to move here. I will assign my other bodyguard to guard the door for you." He turns to me, and when he notices my worry, he sighs. "You don't have to worry. All of them are my people, who have gained my trust and my father's."

Aiden opens the door, and the sight of the suite makes me gasp. There, in front of me, is an extravagant suite much larger than my apartment downstairs.

My eyes travel around the spacious living room with a fireplace,  floor-to-ceiling windows, a stunning balcony, and a grand dining room. There are two bedrooms and one study room. This place is definitely too large for someone to live alone.

I snap my head toward Aiden and stare at him in horror. "I can't." I shake my head panicky. "I can't live here. This place is too big."

The last place I want to stay in after the incident tonight is one that can make me feel even more lonely. Although Aiden said that this place is more secure, I don't think that this is a good idea.

Aiden stares at me with guilt and sighs. "I understand. But you don't want to spend the rest of the night in your previous room, do you? Here, you don't have to worry about your safety anymore. I can guarantee that the security system on this floor is impossible to break. No employees downstairs have been here."

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