sersi x ikaris wedding

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"You're so golden."

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I pin Sersi's floral designed saree on and Sprite is literally glaring daggers at us from the corner. She's not happy.

I give her a look telling her to behave and she rolls her eyes and leaves the room.

Ajak finishes wiring the flower garland for Sersi and says "You nervous Sersi?" Sersi nods no and says "I'm more then ready. I'm excited." I nod and say "You sure? I can get Makkari to get you out of here quickly."

Ajak swats me in the arm and I whine and rub the spot she smacked me

Sersi laughs and says "No. No it's alright."

I nod and Ajak says "Let's go get you married." Sersi nods and says "You both look so beautiful. Gaia looking like our radiant golden goddess once again." I smile to her and say "Stop it. Sersi you are more beutiful then any of us. You look stunning in that dress."

Ajak says "Gaia go find your seat please." I nod and head out. I slide my hands down my dress attempting to make it look better. My dress is simple and a blush pink. But Makkari and I wanted to spice up our look so last night... Oh my god it hurt so badly but we pierced each others ears and not just the one piercing. Like 4 on each ear. Sprite thought it was hilarious when I was screaming when I was forced to go first. But they look cute now at least. We were able to convince Sprite to get one piercing on each ear but that's it. I think they make Makkari and I look dope. Haha.

I walk out and everyone is talking and conversing.

Makkari and Druig turn towards me as I step into the room. Druig's mouth drapes open and Makkari widely smiles.

I shake my head and walk over. Druig nods and says "You look beautiful." I nod and say "Thank you."

Makkari grabs my hands and makes me spin. She nods and signs "Yeah. He's right. You look hot."

I smile to her and sign "So do you Kari. Red is your color for sure." She smiles and turns us so Druig can't see her signing. She signs "Don't fall for his charms.. and no funny business." I nod and say "Got it Kar." She pulls on my ear making sure her point got across but GOD the piercings still hurt a little. I whimper in pain and she signs "Kapiche? You understand?" I nod and sign "Fine. Fine. I understand."

She nods and focuses back on the wedding about to start.

I look to Druig and say "You look nice." He nods and says "Ajak made us all wear these. At least it isn't bright yellow or anything like that." Ajak comes walking out quickly and makes us all shut up and stand waiting for everything to start. I stand between Druig and Makkari with Sprite in front of me. The vow ceremony happens and Ikaris and Sersi look happy. It's so weird to see a romance happen within the group.

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