No Streaking

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*You and Bucky get dressed and find Peter and Grant*
Y/N- thank you for watching him..
Peter- no problem! I love spending time with him.. he's the little brother I never had
Bucky- well you are more than welcome to spend time with him whenever you want.
*Peter laughs and walks back towards his room*

*Bucky sees that you're wearing your pajama pants*
Bucky- interesting choice seeing as its 4pm
Y/N- it is never too early for Pajamas *You smile and kiss Bucky* also you just destroyed the only pair of pants I can fit into right now..
Bucky- What?!? No.. you've got a whole drawer full of pants..
Y/N- most are my pre-maternity pants and the others are for when I am way farther along.. I can't for into any of those...
*Bucky gives you and "oops, sorry" face.. you chuckle*
Bucky- maybe I did that on purpose.. *He smirks* make you wear skirts and dresses all the time.. *You laugh* makes it real easy to sneak up behind you and get a little frisky.. *He squeezes your ass and you giggle... Grant looks over your shoulder and then screams when he sees Bucky's hands on you*
Y/N- Grant says hands off.. *You chuckle and push Bucky back.. he smirks and leans back against the couch*
Bucky- do you have plans tomorrow?
Y/N- Nope.. just a whole lot of nesting! *You smile and Bucky pulls you close.. Grant whines and Bucky tickles him*
Bucky- how about I take you shopping, get you some new pants.. huh??
*You smirks*
Y/N- Nah... I'll just wear those skirts and dresses you were talking about..
*Bucky rubs your back*
Bucky- let me spoil you.. please? *He smiles and you agree* okay, it's a date.. *He kisses you and Grant whines.. Bucky laughs and pulls back* a date with a third wheel.. *You laugh and Bucky tickles Grant*
Y/N- Sounds like a perfect date.. *You whisper* Daddy.. *You smirk and walk away with Grant... you wink and Bucky watches you walk away as his mouth hangs open*

Nat- okay Stevie.. you ready??
*Steve whimpers and Nat smiles.. Steve is pink and sweaty.. he is leaking precum as his dick lays hard against his stomach. His thighs are pink and red from Nat's swats.. his hands and feet are still tied to the bed.. Nat has a plug in Steve's ass and she hovers over him waiting for him to speak*
Nat- I need words Stevie.. be the good princess I know you are..
Steve- yes! I-I'm ready!!
*Nat slowly lowers herself on Steve and guides him inside her.. he moans and thrusts the rest of the way in her, bottoming out in her.*
Nat- Shit Stevie.. Mmhmm *Nat plays with her breast and teases her clit as she bounces on Steve's cock* don't cum Stevie.. not until I say..
*Steve whimpers and fucks Nat harder.. Nat lets her head fall back and her eyes roll back as she cums.. she screams and clenches around a Steve.. the sound she makes is heavenly and Steve can't take it.. he cums and Nat smiles as she rides her high and helps Steve through his.. she stops and keeps him inside her... she takes his jaw in her hand. You were a bad boy Stevie.. I told you not to cum- *Steve smiles* why are you smiling?!
Steve- because you always forget to use the Vibranium ties.. *Nat realizes she fucked up.. Steve rips out of the ties with so much ease that Nat is wet just watching his muscles move.. he pulls his legs free and flips Nat on her back before she can get away.. Steve kisses her and traps her under him*
Steve- my turn Kitten.. it's been too long since I've properly had my way with you..
*Nat whimpers and grinds against Steve*
Nat- please Captain?!
*Steve smiles*
Steve- god I love these hormones..
*Nat smirk and nods.. Steve kisses her and then sits up*
Steve- Alright Kitten tell me... have you been good?? *Steve gives her a wicked smile and she knows she's in for it.. She's in charge a majority of the time but when she's not, her ass is Steve's and he means business*

*You check your phone.. you sent a text to Wanda earlier and you had hoped you'd head back by now.. but you have nothing*
Y/N- Are we sure Wanda's okay??
*Bucky looks up from the stove*
Bucky- She will come back when she's ready..
Y/N- What if she's in trouble-
Bucky- She's okay y/n.. she's just getting some air.. now, come stir this while I put the chicken and veggies in the oven..
*You hop up and stir the pasta*
Y/N- are you making Mac and cheese from scratch?
Bucky- Yup..
Y/N- is it for Grant?? *You smile and Bucky chuckles and nods*
Bucky- Yes.. it is his favorite and with his teeth hurting I want to make sure he eats..
*You smile and then tear up a little.. Bucky looks at you and he can see what's about to happen* No- y/n don't-
Y/N- You're a better parent than me!
*Bucky hugs you and chuckles.. he rubs your back and kisses your head*
Bucky- I could never even dream of being better than you-
Y/N- I didn't even think-
Bucky- Thats because it was my job to cook tonight.. I'm sure if It was your turn you would have thought about it.. or something even better.. okay? *You nod and wipe your tears* Okay! *He kisses you* I think his pastas done.. you wanna get him ready?
Y/N- Yeah...
*You get Grant and get him in his highchair.. you give him his Mac and cheese and he devours it and makes a huge mess too.. you smile and watch him just eat it up... you watch Bucky move around the kitchen and fix your plate.. you smile and walk up behind him.. you slip your arms around his waist and kiss his back*
Y/N- I'm sorry I'm so crazy..
*Bucky chuckles*
Bucky- It's okay.. I still love you.. *You laugh and Bucky turns around.. he kisses you and rubs your back* come on, let's eat..

*Steve lands a blow to Nat's ass and she moans and wiggles in his hands.. he smiles and kisses her back*
Steve- Damn kitten.. your ass looks so good, red and hot..
Nat- Please Captain?!? Just fuc-
Steve- Nope... I'm not even close to being done.. but don't worry when you do get to cum you'll pass out from the pleasure..
*Nat whimpers and Steve gets back to it*

*You clean the dishes while Bucky bathes Grant.. you walk in the room as Grant crawls out of the bathroom.. his little white butt sticking in the air as he try's to get away from Bucky.. you laugh and grab his diaper.. Bucky catches him*
Bucky-Little Wolf what have I told you.. No streaking!
*Grant giggles and you laugh.. you get him dressed and you all lay in the bed.. You lay in Bucky's arms and hold Grant.. Winnie starts kicking and Grant is surprised and looks down.. you laugh and Grant slides off your belly. He sits and lays his head on your belly.. Winnie moves and Grant smiles and squeals.. he stays like that, just smiling and squealing as he feels his sister move and kick. You and Bucky watch and laugh.. you cry because of your hormones and because it was so cute.. Bucky gets it all on video and for that you'd gladly have all his babies*

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