|| DORAN - Part III ||

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Author's note:
Characters and their powers (in case you forget their Realms):
Doran, Ralph : Fire and Smoke
Arlette : Water and Ice
Angus : Air and Lightning
Celia : Water, Ice, Earth, Solid Objects, Plants
Neo : Air, Lightning, Dark Magic ...
Eleni : Magma, Fire, Earth, Solid Objects, Plants ...



Moonlight danced on her skin. The flambeaus that the slaved Eclipses behind Neo were holding up, made her long shadow wind its course to where I stood. In the moment it was as though, only we existed. Only this battle existed. The entire Four Realms had submerged into obscurity, into a fantasy, and this was the only reality.

Eleni released her fire, and I was forced to take a step back. The shield that was sky-high shook. With her force alone. Following suit, the entire of Neo's army banged on it with their powers. With my heart in my throat, I watched Neo release a mass of black clouds from his fingertips and the shield absorbed it, weakening itself.

"Resist hard!" I shouted. And my army obliged. The magic flowing and flowing until the shield powered up back.

"What do you want?" I found myself asking, my eyes reluctantly leaving Eleni's lifeless black ones and boring into the misty shade of silver.

Neo sighed, "The story is coming to an end, and now you ask this." He tutted his tongue.

I watched him, flanked with shadows, muttering something under his breath, and the land trembled. Eleni had knelt, palms flat on the ground. And before I could command for the army to extend the shield's powers down inside the earth, she had done her trick. A shower of magma shot out from the ground at some distance from me, and three mounted archers, screamed in pain. I clutched my crossbow tighter, as I watched them burn alive, the horses galloping scared and hurt. Writhing in pain. Someone sprayed water on them, but it was too late. The chaos was only on my side.

"Earth Eclipses, resist!" I commanded, breathing heavy. I felt the land shook, the mountain shook, as they obliged, and the shield penetrated deeper inside the Earth.

Eleni stood up, blank and... successful. She had killed people, through the shield. I looked at Neo, who was smiling in self-glory, looking as if he was going to write a hymn about himself and sing it for the whole world. He was making Eleni do his dirty work. And then he'd kill her.

Temper swelled in me, "You want to fight? Fine, let's fight. But not like this. Not you cushioned like a baby with borrowed powers, with slaved people's powers. Either fight like a warrior, or die like a coward."

His brows shot up. "Did I hear that correct? Borrowed powers, you say, Doran." He took a step ahead. "Isn't that what the Throne does? Don't people borrow its powers? What's wrong if I do it too?" He spread his arms, gesturing to the Eclipses, to Eleni.

Angus snickered from my side. "No shit, Neo. Is that what you think you're doing? Only you can look at something so revered in such a twisted manner."

Neo simply smiled at him, almost a foot away from the shield now. "You folks just lack perspective." With horrified eyes, I watched him swirl his fingers, and a loud rumble of thunder erupted from the skies, creating a dark aura, unnatural even at such close hours of midnight. The flambeaus wildly danced.

"Shields up!" I roared. And the Eclipses' magic swirled around. A cloud of white mass appeared mid-air, forming a protective dome overhead. My army could only play it defensive, and I cursed myself-cursed him.

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