[Bonus] Y/n's Shenanigans!

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(A/n: Whoah!! 10K Reads!? Who the heck read this!? Anyways, thanks for reading, I guess... It's not like I appreciate it or anything...  

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Here you go, by the way! As a token for my appreciation)


Kaminari: (whispers something to Y/n) Ya got it?

Y/n: I think I do...

Kaminari: (Pushing Y/n to Jirou)Then go get her tiger!



Y/n: (trying to imitate Kaminari's flirting tone) Uh, Wow Jirou. You look, uh, like a snack. (a little confused)Delicious? 




Jirou: (Whispers to herself as she blushes) Damn you Kaminari...


Jirou: Ugh... I'm hot!


Y/n: Figuratively or literally...?


Y/n is currently patrolling with Jirou as an assignment from Aizawa. While doing so, Y/n saw a kid playing at the side of the road.

Kid: (Writing profusely on a toy) Yes! Now no one will MY toy from ME!


Y/n: (Writes his name on Jirou's back)

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