final battle

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"Go easy on me, baby."

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I walk beside Druig as we head back through the forest.

My guilt is setting in heavily. The humans are killing each other. My hand squeezes his tightly as I silently wince at every gunshot being let off. My eyes water as I hear the citizens praying and screaming for god to help them.

Begging for Mother Earth to help them. Why do they have to beg for me?

I.. am not allowed to intervene. My lip quivers and Druig's eyes catch mine. He squeezes my hand again attampting to reassure me even in the slightest. Bringing it to his lips and nodding to me silently

Druig turns his gaze away from our hands interlaced and down at the destruction of Tenochtitlan, gunshots and screeching echoing around us. Thena and Makkari speed towards us and slide into walking pace with Druig and I.

I reach out for Makkari's hand and she squeezes it and nods to me. Ajak looks around and says "Where are the others?"

"We had to spilt up." Makkari signed.

Thena smiles and says "There were far more deviants then you told us of, Phastos."

Phastos shakes his head and says "I'm sure that was fun for you."

Thena's grin widens and she says "It was."

I shake my head at her happiness. How does this not effect the others as it effects Druig and I? I mean I enjoy a good battle as much as the others and we did really well fighting the deviants but these innocent humans are slaughtering eachother in troves.

I look around and Phastos clears his throat getting the groups attention as he looks at a hologram of Earth "Once the others kill these last Deviants every single deviant will be eliminated. They'll be extinct and not returning ever. We have done our job well."

I nod not fully wanting to accept that we are done fighting together to defeat deviants just as we have for centuries. I rub Druig's shoulder as I place my chin on it. Makkari still holds tightly of my left hand. I close my eyes and press a kiss to his cheek as my lips tremble.

Druig could feel the fear within me and the sadness as he looked to the many piles of dead bodies that scattered the forest I grew to love dearly. My heart aches as I see Zane the little boy I taught sprawled across the ground dead.

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