8- Private jet?

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Michelle pov

The layers of awkwardness in this car is off the charts. We have barely been driving for 10 minutes but you could cut the tention with a butter knife.

Everytime I would look up, someone was either admiring, glaring or studying me. So I just looked out of the window looking at how the buildings and trees would pass by.

It let me think of a saying an old friend of mine used to say " The earth never stopped moving, growing, evolving for anyone and neither should you." I lived by that quote for years , I still do until this day.

I was snapped out by my thoughts by a voice. " Did you hear what I said?" The father asked. Does it look like I'm listening asshole is what I wanted to say but instead I said, "No sorry, I didn't."

Sorry? Really Michelle. Why are you even apologizing to this idiot. "No worries , I was just saying we are at the jet."I must have zoned out because I couldn't even remember the car stopping.

But wait, what did he say? "Jet?" I asked intrigued while climbing out of the car. When all of a sudden my soul left my body when Cooper suddenly said"Yes little sister, we're flying with our own private jet." Jesus this dude needs a bell or something but this creeping up on me, It is just not working for me.

They probably all saw how Cooper scared the shit out of me and started laughing. "I see you're still a little scardy cat" Benjamin said while putting his arm around my shoulder. I just gave them a sarcastic smile and kept on walking.

When we got on the jet everyone took their seats, Cooper said they owned this jet. I did my research on them but didn't get much except for them being loaded and having ties everywhere but I didn't think they were this loaded.

"Ooi , earth to Michelle, are you listening." Benjamin said snapping my out of my thoughts, jeez this family really has a thing for interrupting you.

"No I just stopped listening the moment you opened you're mouth" I mumbled to myself, but Maggie who was sitting next to me must've heard because she let out a giggled.

"Sorry what was that" Isabella asked. "Oh nothing just me being stupid" I said with the fakest smile in the world. "Well um I was saying, you probably don't remember us all that well, so let us introduce ourselves." The father said with a smile and taking his wife's hand.

"Well I am Ricardo, your father" he said with authority as if I am his employee or something. I just gave him a bored look.

"Hi sweetie, I am your mother Vivian" she said looking giving me a smile. Yeah mother right, she is a nut job she ain't fooling me. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I just gave her a glare.

"Hi sorella I'm Benjamin your eldest brother." The blond haired and blue eyed man said. We looked a lot alike, not gonna lie.I just gave him the same bored expression as the one I gave his father.

"Hi Ellie, I'm you sister Isabella, it is good to have you back." A beautiful girl with long black raven hair and emmerald eyes said. Like Benjamin I only gave a bored expression.

"Sup Cooper, the guy you kicked in the nuts" He said glaring at me. Vivian scolded him and spinned shit about his little sisters being present and that he needs to watch his language.

"Maybe if you just left me at my home, you wouldn't have a problem with your manlyhood now" I said with a fake pout. He glared at me looking like he wanted to murder me , but I just glared back. You don't scare me pretty boy. Everyone was shocked with what I said that they didn't know how to react.

"Damn little sis , I already love you. I'm Bearnardo but you can call me Bear" A boy who had brunette hair and emmerald eyes. I couldn't help but to smile at him and it was a genuine smile which he returned.

"Hi, I'm Sabrina your older sister." A blonde girl said with emmarald eyes . She also just got a glare.

"Hi , I'm maggie but call me mags, it is great too finally meet you" a younger version of Isabella said who was very excited.

"Hi nice too meet you" I said with a smile. I liked this kid she seemed different plus she had nothing to do with what her family did.

After they introduced themselves the rest of the plane ride was mostly filled with awkward silence and Mags talking with me. I like her she's not that bad. But Cooper on the other hand is dangerous and me attacking his manlyhood was probably not the best thing to do.

When we landed we got greeted by a driver and a limo, wait a massive limo. In which all 9 of us fit in. How rich are these people?

When we were all in the limo, the driver took off , I sat at the window and just stared out. When all of a sudden my phone rang. I looked who it was to see on my phone 'nonna'. I was about to decline because I don't want them all to listen to my conversation.

But before I could decline it Ricardo said in a demanding tone "Answer the phone" . I seriously thought this dude was joking so I told him "Nah I'll call her back later." They all looked at me shock.

"It wasn't a request, its an order" He said angry. And order what is this army bootcamp? I just shook my head in disbelief and answered the phone.

"What took you so long , I'm worried sick" my mom's concern voice came through my phone.

"Sorry mom, I was a little occupied. "I said not feeling very uncomfortable with them all listening too my conversation. "Oo are you ok?" She asked.

"Ma , jy is op luidspreker die idiote het gese dis n bevel so ek bel ma weer later terug." I said irritated, I saw everyone shocked they probably didn't hear me talk Afrikaans to my mom earlier.
(Mom you're on speaker, the idiots said its an order , so I will call you back later)

"Ok love you" she said. "Love you too" I said before hanging up the phone. The Ferrari's all looked shocked. "You speak another language?" Sabrina asked.

"Yup"I said popping the p. "What did you tell her." Cooper asked. "You heard the conversation, I was ordered to put it on speaker" I said looking straight at the father.

This is going to be hell , you don't need to be a genius to figure that out


Hi guys..I hope you are enjoying my book.

I need your opinion, I feel like I am writing too much pov of the other characters than Michelle. Should I write less of their pov or just continue how I am writing now.

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