Ch. 30

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Ch. 30


I spared a glance at Angelo before turning back to my best friend and the two people who had followed him into my dorm room. My brows furrowed as my gaze returned to Warren. Just what the hell did he mean he can't let me go alone and why were these two here?

"Does anyone care to explain what's happening?" I asked, my tone sounding angrier than I thought it would be but I was too curious to care. I glared at Warren and the two others who stood behind our door, waiting for one of them to start talking.

"Evan, please," Angelo whispered as he link his fingers with mine, squeezing my hand gently. I turned my head to look at him only to meet his pleading eyes. "That's not important right now," he said softly. "If they want to come, that's okay. But we should really get going."

I could hear the sense of urgency in his voice and frankly, it made me more curious but the pleading gaze with which he looked at me had me backtracking. I nodded and watched as Angelo heaved a visible sigh of relief.

Was he just glad to have got out of the conversation somehow? Or was he glad that he was going to meet his family? I had no idea but told myself to remain quiet given the situation.

My eyes lifted to my friend, raising a brow at him in hopes that he would be the one to actually tell me what was happening.

"You'll know in due time, but it'll be best if we left right now," Warren said.

I sighed inwardly, almost feeling left out. It felt as though I was being left out of an important conversation and as much as I liked to tell myself that I cared not for certain things, this involved Angelo and I hated not knowing.

How could I protect him when I didn't know what I was protecting him from?

We all quickly left the room and made our way downstairs where an Uber was already waiting to take us to the airport. Though there was a little bit of traffic, we got there in record time and quickly got our tickets. Much to my annoyance, Warren paid for the tickets for everyone, including mine and Angelo's which I had planned to pay for. Still, I was grateful because it allowed us to get on the plane as quickly as possible.

"Do you prefer the window seat?" I asked Angelo once we reached our seats.

He shrugged, biting his lip as he put his bag up in the space above our seats. "I don't usually mind," he whispered.

"Will you be comfortable in the open aisle?" I decided to ask instead and watched as he glanced at the other people on the plane with us.

Warren and the twins were seated on the next aisle which took four but there was a man between them and us. Angelo instantly shook his head when he realized that and it made me chuckle slightly.

I helped him get into his seat, even helping with his seatbelt. It was a bit overboard but I wanted to do I. Once the plane took off, Angelo took hold of my hand, not pulling away throughout the journey until we landed in the United Kingdom.




I breathed in the cold humid air that came through the window of the moving car. I glanced out of the window, watching the gorgeous plain terrain as we drove past with speed. While the countryside itself was gorgeous, I never thought I'd make it back here once I left a few months ago.

Back then, I thought I had been leaving for good. I thought I had left my past and everyone who hurt me. Yet here I was, sitting in a car without protest and on my way to my father's home and the land of the Green Hills Pack.

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