Chapter 27

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After she stopped thinking about what had happened at Countess Elkelli’s mansion, Juliana, completely refreshed, set foot in the Duke’s library for the first time.

The library, which has been handed down from generation to generation, had many books that were hard to find even in the Imperial Palace Library. There were many magic books that Juliana, the magician, saw for the first time.

Thanks to a large number of Dukes that freely handled swords and magic, the library had a huge amount of books and a variety of books in different fields at the same time.

Looking up at the high ceiling, Juliana marveled.

‘I’ve lived here for two years and never came. I’m not a big fan of myself from the past.’

Of course, there were many reasons why she wasn’t familiar with the library.

Although she was a magician, Juliana was frankly the type of person who put no effort to become one. As soon as she was born, she was able to walk, talk, and run, and for her pulling mana in the air was easier than walking and talking. Therefore, she was different from many others who became magicians through hard work.

“……I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth as a magician.”

Juliana, muttering to herself, reached out to a nearby bookshelf and roughly pulled out one book.

It was a magic book that she saw when she was five years old. She heard that some hard-working adepts study at the magic academies in other countries, but for young Juliana, this book-level theory was very cheap.

Juliana put the book she was looking at lightly in its place.

“Where is it?”

Leaving thoughts about her childhood behind, she left the bookcase, where magic books were placed to find the ‘history book’ section.

Fortunately, there was a book called ‘The History and Adventures of the Empire’ in her field of vision. Juliana, who studied with a tutor at home without attending the academy, was also familiar with this book.

Unfortunately, Juliana was not interested in studying anything other than magic, so she neglected other studies, and was ignorant in other fields.

“Cough cough!”

As soon as she took out the heavy book from the bookshelf, the dust rose up. Juliana sat down in a corner with the book in her hands.

Even in the corner of the room, the sun was shining brightly because on the opposite side of Juliana’s spot was a wide and large window. Juliana, who had laid out the cushions to improve the comfort of her back, hardened her mind and opened the book.

“Okay. Let’s get started.”

As soon as she made up her mind, she quickly began to read carefully to get into the contents of the book. What she didn’t know was that she was unconsciously reading out loud.

“There was no owner in the land of the original Empire-.”

The Ariakne Empire was a country that invaded and settled in the land of other peoples. Their people had reached this land far to the north beyond the mountains and fields. There were only a few tribes living in a disorderly manner in the land where the four seasons were clear and abundant……

‘In a disorderly manner?’

Juliana frowned her brows.

‘This is too much-.’

Gains and losses-.

Juliana, who was comfortably stretching her legs and snoring in the book, stood up when she saw the tightly closed door open.

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