Chapter 54- spin the bottle

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Ginny closed the door behind her as she stepped into her dorm. "My gawd", she mumbled.

Ember rubbed her eyes and turned over on her bed. "You're just now getting back??"

Ginny nodded. "Harry wanted me to stay with him"

Hermione rolled over to face the girls. "Is he any better?"

"He's doing the same as when we all were there", Ginny said plopping down onto her bed.

The girls nodded silently. Early this morning after they were released from Snape's captivity, all who cared rushed straight to Harry's dorm. Harry had been in dull pain but he was mostly exhausted just like everyone else was. He had asked Ginny to stay with him and that's exactly what she had wanted.

"Did you tell him about our detention sentence?", Ember said rubbing her head just thinking about it.

Ginny nodded while laughing. "Yeah, he is a bit upset that he doesn't have detention too. All of us are going to be gone every night, which will leave him all by himself. He isn't to happy about that"

Hermione snickered. "He can take my place"

Ember snuggled her head deeper into her pillow. "I forgot, when do we have to be down in the DADA room tonight?"

"At 8 sharp, right Mione?", Ginny questioned.

Hermione nodded. "Yep. It's going to be a long night tonight", she sighed pulling the covers over her head.

"What do you think he's going to make us do?", asked Lee stepping out of their bathroom unexpectedly.

The girls all screamed in sync.

"What the hell are you doing in here!?!?", yelled Ginny.

"And how the hell did you get in here!?!?", yelled Hermione right after.

"And how long have you been in here!?!?", Ember laughed not being that surprised.

Lee leaned against the door frame grinning. "Well to answer all your questions; I'm here because George and Fred woke up this morning in a playful type mood. They decided it would be funny to set off firecrackers in my bed while I was still sleeping"

Ember couldn't help but crack a smile. "I see they are back to their old selves"

Lee rolled his eyes. "Oh yes. And soooo I didn't want to be around their silly obnoxious selves, they were annoying me, which is saying a lot"

"Okay, and how did you get in here?", Hermione asked still wondering.

Lee shrugged. "Simple. Apparition"

Hermione squinted her eyes at him. "You usually aren't able to apparate on school grounds"

Lee smiled. "The magical barriers of apparition are currently down for whatever reason"

Ember's smile dropped. Her stomach twisted in knots and she suddenly felt nauseous. She didn't like that . . . she didn't like that one bit at all.

"Oh, and to answer your question my dear Emberlynn, I've only been here for about 43 minutes", he said yawning.

Hermione sat up in her bed. "Did you just say 43 minutes!?"

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