Chapter 17: Mutual Jealousy Between Both

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It has been another month again AAAAAAAAAA-

By now on the table, Evie had prepared tea between the three of you including herself. Silence hangs the conversation between you all, wanting to make up a conversation, you decided to speak up.

Y/N: "So.. Beel, you didn't tell me you were coming, why didn't you ask me to come when I told you..."

Beelzebub: "Oh, maybe I had the intention to follow wherever you go. Watching you walk anywhere at any time, in a place like this."

"Is that another way of saying you're stalking me?!"

In fact, yes!

Hours earlier when you woke up together after, you did tell her that you were going to Evie's place whilst drinking your first cup of coffee for the morning at that time. What you forgot to notice is her reaction and attitude, from a face with a loving smile to a motionless one.

Once you walked out of the house, she walks back up to your own room to conjure a clairvoyant orb specifically to watch you. The orb floats in front of her when it doesn't move, but when it does she had to put her free hand below it so it would follow it's motion. Think of picking a rock then using the force to make it float above your hand.

Beelzebub sees Evie as nothing but an obstacle between you and her, A love obstacle to be exact. She knows how deeply you care about her since you've met her back at your freshman years. She will do anything to get her out of your head, only turning towards herself and only herself. No one else will get between that, not even the harem will. But we'll see about that...

Evie: "How long have you both known each other for..?"

Beelzebub: "It's been two exact months since we've met. Isn't that right?" She replied, turning towards you.

You felt uneasy now around her, she's pressuring to get you to talk. Atleast the tea you drank is trying to reassure that everything will go alright as long as you do it correctly.

Y/N: "Yeah.. Two months, huh?"

Again, you're getting butterflies in your stomach. You didn't know what else to say next, you wanted to get out of here, just wanting to run away already. Though, that would make things worse than it is already.

Beelzebub: "Are you happy that it's been this long for someone so grand like me?"

"How self-absorbant of yourself..!"

You set your own eyes at hers, those red eyes glow towards you along with her ominous smile. Without saying a word, you know that they're asking you to answer in your most honesty.

Y/N: "I.. feel..." Your vision starts to get blurry, your head hurts and feels nauseating. The stress, tension, and the pressure is building up.

"I'm so.. Tired.. I just want to.. Rest..."

You collapsed unconsciously from your seat, immediately Evie jumped from her seat and came to your aid.

Evie: "Y/N!"

Beelzebub slowly stands up, looking down at you with pity.

An hour passes by, and here you are lying down on a bed. Your head hurts and you feel your forehead burning as if having a fever. Slowly opening your eyes, everything seemed blurry but you can see Beel is the only who sat beside your lying body. Her hand strokes your head while her other glides through your cheeks.

A question still remains inside your head. Was she mad at you? For visiting Evie at a time like this? Perhaps, you just did not have the guts to have the thought of ask her.

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