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Grace's POV

"I'll see you later okay?" I said, pecking Camila's lips. She smiled and nodded her head "okay" we heard someone clear their throat, making us both look towards the person to see Ellie standing a bit away from us.

I looked at Camila who just stared at Ellie. They were just looking at each other, anger in Camila's eyes and Ellie..she's not mad, she tilted her head to the side and smiled at Camila, it was clear she was trying to piss Camila off and it was working.

I held Camila's hand making her look at me. I smiled and put my hand on her cheek, getting on the tip of my toes and kissing her again "don't worry about her"

I heard Ellie let out a laugh so I looked towards her, feeling Camila's hand grip my waist and pull me closer to her.

Ellie walked towards us slowly "aw Cami is worried that I'm gonna fuck her little girlfriend again, isn't she?" Ellie said pouting to annoy Camila.

"I'm not" Camila snapped back. Ellie laughed and put her hand on Camila's shoulder "if I want to fuck her, I will..I always get whatever the fuck I want Cami" Ellie said quietly while looking deeply into Camila's eyes.

Camila stopped holding my waist and her hand made it's way towards Ellie's face but Ellie held her wrist, stopping her from hitting her on the face without even looking at her hand and still holding eye contact with her "don't even try.." Ellie moved closer to her ear "..Cami"

Camila pushed her back which made Ellie laugh and look at me "let's go in, shall we?" She asked taking her keys and unlocking the door, opening it and waiting for me to walk in before her.

I looked at Camila and smiled "bye" she smiled and waved her hand at me "bye, text me" she said. I nodded "I will"

"Enough chitchatting" I looked at Ellie and walked inside of the apartment, Ellie walking in behind me and locking the door after.

"You didn't have to do that" I said going to the kitchen and opening the fridge, taking some eggs out so I can make myself some food.

I saw her hands being placed on both sides of the counter while I was in between them, feeling her body behind me "why not? You gotta admit, it was funny" she whispered in my ear.

Her body was very close to mine, her hands were still trapping me as I felt her hot breathe on my ear "it wasn't funny" I said, trying to sound confident.

I know if I stuttered or seemed nervous because of the position me and her are in, she'll know that I won't be able to resist her.

"It was, you're just siding with your girlfriend" I turned around, being extremely surprised at how close her face was close to mine. I held the end of the counter and looked down at her lips when she took her bottom lip between her teeth seductively.

"She's not my girlfriend, at least not yet" I said looking back into her eyes. She leaned in and our noses touched "so you would stop me if I kiss you?" She asked quietly.

"Yes I would" I said, growing a little nervous. She backed away and held my waist, turning me around and pressing her body against mine from behind.

Both of her arms were wrapped around my waist "we don't have to kiss, I can just fuck you again..I know you liked it yesterday" she said and I can even hear that stupid hot dumb attractive smirk on her face.

"I didn't like it" I lied, I liked it a lot.

"That's why you were begging me to keep going and not edge you, it's because you didn't like it. Right yeah" she laughed and kissed my ear "stop with the lies princess, we both know that I can make those pretty legs of yours shake"

She backed away and stopped holding me, making me look at her as she went to grab something from the fridge, acting like nothing just happened "if you want to act confident again, at least hold eye contact" she said.

My cheeks reddened as I looked down, trying to avoid her gaze. I felt her soft finger tips under my chin making me lift it up. I looked deeply into her eyes making her smile and nod "just like that..good girl"

She placed a kiss on my forehead and went towards the couch, sitting down and turning on a tv show to watch.

"Are you gonna keep staring or make those eggs?" She asked not even looking at me but she probably felt me looking at her.

I looked towards the kitchen counter and started making the food.

After a bit I finished and took the plate, wanting to go to my room so I don't disturb her "hey you" I turned to look at her and smiled politely, she tapped the space next to her "come watch with me" she said.

The smile grew bigger when she said that. I went towards her and sat down next to her. She turned on "I'm not okay with this" and took a sip from her Red Bull.

I moved the fork with a little of the egg that I made closer to her mouth, making her look at me and smile, opening her mouth and taking the bite without placing her lips on the fork, just pulling it with her teeth..she does that a lot, she rarely places her lips on the fork or spoon when she eats.

That's a weird thing to notice Grace I thought to myself. I shook my head and looked at the tv again "if she does anything that hurts you tell me" I looked at Ellie and frowned, she looked at me "Camila I mean, if she does anything to hurt you, tell me and I'll teach her a lesson"

I smiled and looked away..if we're talking about people who hurt me, let's start with you Ellie Miller.

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