You make them blush

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Shinobu Kocho

You were talking with someone else while Shinobu just spied on you

She doesn't even know why she stopped to stare at you while you're in a conversation with someone

Suddenly your laugh reached her ears and it sounded so melodic. Combined with that cute happy face you made too Shinobu felt heat rising up to her cheeks

You noticed her and called to her which lead to her running away knowing she got caught red handed

Mitsuri Kanroji

You and Mitsuri were fighting against a demon that was such an annoying one

It could split itself into two so you both fought each one

When Mitsuri was done with hers she went over to help you

She couldn't help to stop however when she saw you leap against the demon. The demons head flew off while you landed gracefully on the ground flicking off demon blood from your katana. You looked so cool that Mitsuri began to blush and sweat a bit 

When you looked back at Mitsuri who was awe struck you gave her an innocent smile like nothing happened

She was about to faint right then and there


Nezuko Kamado

You and Nezuko were making flower crowns 

Nezuko didn't know how to do one so you taught her

She was making progress and could do it without your help although it took longer time 

A smile rose up to your face when you finished your flower crown

"Nezuko sit still please" 

She stared at you while you put the flower crown on her

When you smiled and complemented how cute she looked she couldn't help to blush 

Kanao Tsuyuri

You were happily talking with Kanao while she only smiled at you. Don't take her silence as disinterest she really loves to hear you talking and rambling. She's just too nervous to speak herself 

You stopped mid sentence when you saw her making cool tricks with her coin

You asked her if she could teach you. She accepted your offer without flipping her coin

She gave you her coin while you tried to do some tricks with it

She gave you small instructions and after a while you managed to do one trick

You cheered happily while Kanao flinched at your sudden reaction

A crow suddenly called you to a mission and you sighed wanting to spend more time with Kanao

You took the coin and placed it in her hand (Tanjiro style) and thanked her for teaching you

You ran out to your mission while Kanao still felt warmth in her hand. She brought it closer to her chest before blushing


Daki was gonna go and take a walk around the district as an orian

You wanted to walk beside her which she begrudgingly lets you 

You got dressed thanks to the help of the workers but it took a longer time than expected

When you walked out Daki looked a bit irritated and was about to scold you until she took a good look at your beautiful figure

She shut her mouth and began to blush 

"Aww is that a blush I see?" You asked teasingly 

"N-no it's not. Come on let's just go. We're already late!" You smiled happily and stood beside her. You two beginning to walk around the district 

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