02 | fire and smoke

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THE AVENGERS COMPOUND was a lot bigger than what Jordan had thought. She has followed Bruce quietly through the complex and was later introduced to James Rhodes, who insisted to just call him Rhodey. The two men went their separate ways and Jordan sat alone in a lounge area as she sent a text to Ned asking about Peter's whereabouts. He confirmed her that he indeed go after the huge donut space ship but hasn't heard of him since he left the school bus.

She proceeded to spam Peter with text messages just in case he was on the ground and not up in space. That was when reality hit her like a punch in the face. Peter Parker was in space. And it felt like there was nothing she could do about. Leaving her phone on the couch she was on, a million ideas went through her head on how dangerous and stupid he was to go to space alongside Tony. A single tear slid down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away with her fingers. All she could hope was that Tony would keep him safe.

The weather outside acted as if it was a good day with no trouble whatsoever. Clear blue skies with a few small clouds that seemed to have been painted perfectly white as if the sky was a canvas for the world to see. The sun shined and reflected on the large lake next to the compound creating a sun glitter, its light reflecting from smooth surface. Tall green trees filled with birds and other animals gave the place a calming aura.

But everything was far from calm. It all felt like an illusion to convince everyone that nothing bad or weird had happened an hour ago. Jordan's eyes remained on the sky though. Hoping to see a glimpse of a ship or whatever else that could help them get down from space.

"Hey, Jordan." Bruce called her and waved his hand for her to follow him. "I want you to meet some people."

Without a question, she followed him into another lounging area near a small kitchen. Jordan froze in her spot once she noticed who was standing in the room. She expected only to see Steve Rogers, which already made her feel weak on the inside, but it took her by surprise to see Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Vision, and Wanda Maximoff also present. She felt her hands start to sweat and steam appeared with a small hiss, noticing this she quickly shook her hands and wiped them on her jeans.

"Everyone, this is Jordan Hunter," They all turned towards the two making Jordan shrink back a little at the attention. It wasn't everyday part of The Avengers would make you the center of attention, at least for a little bit. "She offered to help us in whatever is happening."

"How could she help us?" Sam said from the back. Bruce looked at her hoping that she didn't lie about having powers and brought her along just as an excuse. Jordan pursed her lips and looked at the ceiling.

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