While You Can My Friend

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‼️Just teasing some Non Canon stuff in this chapter... nothing to see here 👀😅😏‼️

Y/N- okay I'm gonna get dinner started.. any requests? *Steve and Bucky start to suggest stuff but you don't listen* whatever the pregnant ladies want?! That sounds like a wonderful idea..
*Steve and Bucky laugh.. you hand Grant to Bucky and head to the kitchen.. Nat follows you*
Nat- hey.. *She looks back and makes sure the guys aren't listening* Umm do you have a minute??
Y/N- yeah.. what's up??
Nat- okay so I've been having dreams.. *You look at her.. she looks back to make sure no one can hear her* like sex dreams *She whispers*
Y/N- oh.. yeah, that happens.. like a lot. It's all the hormones.
Nat- No- I know that.. it's- *She hides her face* they aren't about Steve.. or at least not all of them.. *She almost looks guilty*
Y/N- Oh... so you've dreamed about-
Nat- yes... *She hides her face again*
*You smile*
Y/N- Nat it was just a dream..
Nat- I know but I- do I tell Steve?!
Y/N- you can but like I said it's just a dream.. I've dreamed about Steve and I told Bucky *You chuckle* Bucky likes to use it to fuel his "jealously" play..
*Nat nods*
Nat- so you think Steve will understand that I've had sex dreams about you and Bucky??
*You turn around and face her.. you are slightly shocked and flattered*
Y/N- you've dreamed about me too?! *You smile and flip your hair*
Nat- ha! Yeah... *She crosses her arms*
Y/N- Steve's not gonna be thrilled about the Bucky part but he'll get over it.. *You laugh* he's gonna love the part about me..
*Nat laughs*
Nat- yeah.. that's what I thought.. how did you tell Bucky??
Y/N- well I talk in my sleep so I just say a name that's not his and he gets the picture.. *You chuckle* I want you to know dreaming about Steve is not like a common occurrence.. but it's happened once or twice.
*Nat laughs*
*Bucky and Steve start to walk in.. you smirk and Nat gives you a look*
Nat- don't
Y/N- After how many times you've teased and outed me about things... *Nat rolls her eyes and waves her hand for you to continue* besides it might be easier coming from me and not you..
*Nat laughs*
Bucky- Mmhmm smells good! *He wraps his arms around you* you smell nice too.. *You laugh and hit him.. Steve leans against the counter and puts his arm around Nat*

Y/N- So Stevie.. Nat was just telling me about some of the dreams she's had..
*Steve looks at Nat... he smirks*
Steve- If it's the reoccurring one with you and Bucky.. *Nat gasps* then I already know.. *He squeezes her tight and she shakes her head* she started talking in her sleep.. *You laugh and Bucky is looking between all 3 of you*
Nat- you've known?!?
Steve- oh yeah! *Steve smiles and kisses her head*
Bucky- wait... like you've had a sex dream about me and y/n?!? Like just us or-
Nat- with me-
Bucky- oh.. *You can tell Bucky's thinking about it*
Nat- hey don't do that.. *She throws a dish towel at his face and it hits him perfectly. He laughs*
Bucky- was I good?? *Bucky smirks and you join in*
Y/N- Oh yeah! How was I?! *You tease*
*Nat shakes her head and doesn't answer*
Steve- From what I've heard she describes you both as "fucking dreams"
*Nat elbows him and he laughs*
Steve- Nat it's okay.. I don't mind. As long as it stays in the dream.. *He winks*
*Bucky makes a noise and squints his face*
Bucky- I mean.. if you two *He motions between you and Nat and smiles*
Steve- oh true! Same.. *They both laugh and you and Nat elbow them.. they laugh and start helping you with dinner*

*You and Nat are setting the table for dinner and She squeezes by you. She places a hand on your back as she walks past.. you and Nat think nothing of it and you know she was actually trying to make sure she didn't knock you over since your center of gravity has changed*
Nat- you good?
Y/N- yeah ha! Thanks..
*You smile and smell something burning.. you look over and see Bucky and Steve staring at you and Nat.. you roll your eyes*
Y/N- Bucky! *He snaps out of it* stir the food..
Nat- Steve get the bread out of the oven..
*They both hop to it*
Nat- men..
Y/N- seriously..

*You all eat dinner and the whole time Bucky and Steve talk about a new mission- who's going, for how long, what it's about, Bucky doesn't look at you once until Nat accidentally bumps you and you two laugh... they look at both of you and smirk*
Y/N- are you two still thinking-
Bucky- not the whole time.. but you can't drop something like that and expect me to not think about it when you two interact
*You laugh and the boys look at each other.. Nat smirks at you.. you text her*

Y/N- so... I kinda want to call it an early night.. if you know what I mean.. wanna help a sister out?? 😉😏😅
Nat- 😂 Need some Daddy time😏😏😏
Y/N- Some Sugar Daddy time 🤤💙
Nat- 😅😂 yeah.. I want some Stevie time too.. 🤭🥰
Y/N- Stevie?! You're submissive these days?!
Nat- 😉 a little..
Y/N- Okay... let's teach these boys a lesson
Nat- Yeah so they'll teach our asses a lesson tonight 🍑👋🏻👋🏻
Y/N- yes! 👏🏻👏🏻🤭🥵😘

*You two are gonna tease Bucky and Steve like there's no tomorrow. She brushes your hand and stands up*
Nat- you boys need to get your heads out of the gutter.. *She rests a hand on your shoulder and you smile*
Y/N- yeah.. it's not gonna happen *You place your hand on hers.. she play with your hair*
Nat- are you done with your plate??
Y/N- oh yeah.. thanks! *You smile and she leans over your shoulder and takes your plate.. her body brushing against yours*
Nat- this meal was delicious y/n.. thank you for cooking.. *you Stand up and move past her.. you steady her like she did you earlier*
Y/N- wow.. your shoulders are so tight! Do you want me-
*Steve is beside Nat before you know it and he picks her up*
Steve- thanks for dinner y/n it was great.. *He disappears down the hall.. you can hear Nat and Steve giggling as they enter their room*

*You laugh and start to clean the dishes when you feel Bucky corner you.. he places his hands on either side of your body.. he kisses your neck and blows in your ear*
Bucky- it's not nice to tease your Sugar Daddy like that.. all those pretty outfits I bought you and that's how you repay me.. flirting with Nat?? *you smile.. he notices and you feel him smile against your neck*
Y/N- sorry Daddy.. I just wanted you to notice me.. I wasn't getting enough attention..
*Bucky laughs*
Bucky- okay Baby.. I'll give you all the attention tonight.. continue my day of spoiling my Sugar Baby.. *You bite your lip and he kisses you... he turns and looks at Grant who has fallen asleep while eating.. you both chuckle* how about you get him to bed and I'll be in once I get all this cleaned up..
Y/N- okay-
Bucky- I want to read him his story so don't do that.. *You laugh and kiss Bucky*
Y/N- Okay..

*You get Grant bathed and ready for bed.. Bucky walks in and sits on the bed. He holds Grant as he reads. You prop your elbow on Bucky's shoulder and just take it in.. Grant looks at Bucky like he's a superhero.. one day he will find out that his daddy really is a hero and a good one at that.. when the story is over Grant looks at you and rubs his eyes.. he holds his hands out. You smile and your heart could burst.. you take him and he curls up on your chest and shoulder and falls asleep.. you look at Bucky and he can tell He is definitely not getting laid tonight.. he sighs and chuckles... you mouth "sorry" and he kisses you*
Bucky- it's okay.. I wouldn't want to bother him either.. he looks so comfy and happy. And I know soon Winnie's gonna be too big for him to still sleep on you and soon he's gonna be too big to ever do it again-
Y/N- Bite your tongue! *Bucky smiles and kisses your head*
Bucky- just that he's getting bigger and he moves around in his sleep so much that he wouldn't stay still..
*You smile and kiss him*
Y/N- I promise we will have a special night tomorrow.. okay? *Bucky nods* could you throw my new lingerie in the wash?? That way I can wear it tomorrow? *You smirk and Bucky nods*
Bucky- Oh yeah... *He kisses you and then speaks against your lips* then you can give Daddy a fashion show.. show your Sugar Daddy his spoils.. *You chuckle and Grant wiggles a little.. you both zip your lips and Bucky does what you asked.. he walks by Nat and Steve's room and he hears loud moaning and Steve grunting... he laughs and shakes his head*
Bucky- enjoy it while you can my friend..

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