Chapter 55- dumbledore's announcement

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"What?", Fred asked in complete shock.

"Oh sorry did I stutter!?", Ember shouted back in reply.

Fred looked around still standing in the middle of the wide circle. He stepped out closer to Emberlynn. "Em its just a game and I don't know why-"

"No, it's not just a game Fred!"

He stared at her, feeling deep meaningful emotions crawl up his throat.

"This is bringing me back to when you played my heart like a fucking piano!"

Fred's eyes got red filling with tears that stung.

"When you kissed her! When you were something with her! When you should've been with me!"

Fred tried his best to keep the tears in his eyes. "Em where is this coming from? You have barely talked to me about any of this"

"Because I never wanted to and it's pretty clear why! Cuz it hurts like hell!"

Fred took a step closer to her. "I'm not going to kiss her. I'm not going to kiss anybody alright"

She laughed while tears began to sting her eyes as well. "But you were. You were going to kiss her, I saw you"

"Because I thought you didn't care", he replied honestly, "I've been trying to get you to admit that you're in love with me but you keep denying, denying, denying! And I thought if I were to try and kiss someone else in front of you then you might show me that you care!"

She stared at him, "Well I don't"

Tears fell down his cheeks as he shook his head. "You're a liar", he whispered.

A singular tear fell down Ember's cheek and down off her jaw. She turned around and banged and banged on the door. "I want out of here! I want out! Open the goddamn door! Open the fucking door!"

She shouted, and shouted, and shouted until finally they could all hear a key being put into the lock. The door knob turned and Filch opened the door.

"What's going on in here??", he shouted.

Ember turned around and gazed at Fred before storming out into the halls, Ginny and Hermione running after her.

George walked over to console his brother. "It'll be alright Freddie"

Theo bit the inside of his cheek and sighed heavily to himself. He didn't know what to think right now.


Ember had ran straight to her dorm, she felt so humiliated. It was obviously her fault for making the scene that she did but, she really didn't want him to kiss someone else. She didn't think about any of the consequences or who she hurt in the process . . . Theo.

Ember had locked herself in her bathroom and Ginny and Hermione had been running right behind her so they banged and banged on the door for her to open it. They didn't hear anything on the other side though, it made them panic.

"Emberlynn! Open this door right now before we unlock it ourselves!", Ginny yelled.

Hermione ran her hands through her hair beginning to panic now. "We don't have our wands Gin"

Ginny sighed before starting to yell again. "Open this door right now before we kick it the fuck down ourselves!"

Ember slammed open the door looking as numb as ever. "You both are dramatic"

The girls both watched her as she walked past them straight to her bed. "Em, we thought you were-"

"Crying? No, more like sulking in my emotionless emotions", Ember said laying down and pulling the covers over her body.

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