Hiding a injury from them

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Shinobu Kocho

You won't be able to hide any injury from Shinobu

She notices everything, from the way you flinch when she touches a specific part, from the way you walk a bit weird or when a pained groan escapes your mouth 

She would pull you aside and look over you until she finds something. When she finds something you look down in shame while Shinobu looked down at you a bit dissapointed 

"Love, why would you hide this from me?" She said cupping your face. No mater what your answer is she will scold you a bit for trying to hide an injury

Every time you come back from a mission she always check you to see if you have any injuries. You may look fine but that won't stop Shinobu 

Mitsuri Kanroji

You had a gash on your side and not wanting to make your girlfriend worry about you, you just quickly treated it and called it a day

When Mitsuri saw you she instantly ran to you, you tried to stop her but she couldn't hear you and swept you in a hug even lifting you off her feet 

She stopped immidiatly when she heard you hiss in pain

"Dear, what's the matter?" You lied to her that your back was a bit soar but she wasn't convinced

Mitsuri wanted you to take off your shirt (when you two were alone) and when you did she saw your gash that was treated rather poorly 

"Y/N! Why didn't you tell me about this? It can get infected!" She said instantly running around the room for supplies. She lectured you and rambled on and on about how much she loves you and that you shouldn't be hiding injuries from her 

Nezuko Kamado 

She can smell blood. She knows something is off when she begins to drool everytime she's around you

You had a conversation with her when she began to drool. It smelled like it came from your back so she just took your shirt off and saw the claw marks on your back 

She looked at you all pouty and instantly treated it

When you tried to apologize she bonked your head a few times as a lesson 

Kanao Tsuyuri 

You came home from a mission looking seemingly okay until she saw how you walked 

You walked weirdly and your pained grunts gave you away

Without any warning Kanao swept you off your feet (bridle style) and carried you into a bedroom. She took off your shoe and saw your swollen ankle 

Dark aura sputed off Kanao and you looked away sweating a bit

She treated your wound and then made sure you stayed in bed  

If you wanted to get something she would do it for you. Sometimes you try to get up but she'll just push you right back 


You were walking around the district on your own. It was pretty dark outside and no one was around

Suddenly you heard a meow and went to check it out

You looked around the corner and saw a stray cat

You reached out your hand to it hoping it would respond nicely although that hope was shattered when the cat lunged at your arm leaving horrible scratch marks

As harsh as it sound you grabbed its neck and threw the cat off you. The cat ran away while blood ran down your scratch marks. You covered it up and went home

When Daki greeted you she noticed that you covered your arm alot even when wearing a sleeve 

She began to drool and she knew something was off

She walked up to you and rolled up your sleeve. She's stronger so you couldn't stop her and she saw the scratch marks 

"It's fine Daki it was just a cat" You said and Daki only sighed and began walking away

"Where are you going?" 

"I'll go kill the cat. See ya" 

"Alr- Wait no!" 

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