When they try to attempt kabedon

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Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu would make you a flusterd mess

She would trap you there while her face was super close to yours

You turned away while blushing as red as a tomato

Mitsuri Kanroji

You were surprised at Mitsuri trying to show you her more dominant side

You began to blush and you just hid your face in her chest making her blush too

"D-did I do it right?" You just hummed in clarification and she beamed happily at her success

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko just came to you in her full size and just slapped the wall behind you

You were confused at her actions until she began to huff and then you understood

You patted her head and hugged her. She became pouty and dissapointed she didn't appear cool in your eyes

Kanao Tsuyuri

Not gonna lie you thought she was mad at you

She just trapped you there while staring at you. You became scared and shrunked a bit wishing you could fuse together with the wall

"Did I do something wrong?" Kanao just let you go and shook her head

"I attempted kabedon" Ohhhh now it all made sense

"Kinda thought you were mad at me" Kanao only patted your head and gave you a small smile


She knows what she's doing

You just looked up at her flusterd while she stared down at you satisfied

You tried to slither your way out but she trapped you with her sashes

"You leave when I let you"

"Yes ma'am!"

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