Chapter 3

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As soon as they entered the portal, a red gas immediately surrounded them.

"What is this?" Yaya curiously asked.

"I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about it. I think you should close that portal, Ochobot." - Fang said, his voice is a little wary.

"Fang is right. It's best to close the portal, we still don't know what this is." - Boboiboy said. He pulled out a small glass jar, collecting some of that gas.

"Hey Boboiboy, where did you get that from?" - Yaya wondered when she saw him holding that glass jar. Strange, he didn't bring anything at first, right?

"Yeah, at first we didn't see you bringing anything, why do you have that now?"-Ying pointed at the glass jar in Boboiboy's hand, which was carefully closed.


"Just like when you guys somehow brought food with you on our first ever mission in Tapops.." - Boboiboy whispered so no one could hear, Yaya and Ying looked at him with confused eyes.

"Boboiboy, is something wrong?"-Yaya asked.

"Oh, it's nothing!Just-"

"Enough everyone, we should start going."-A deep male voice said. It turned out that the voice was from Admiral Amato, he seemed to be searching for something with a device.

"May I ask a question? What exactly are we looking for?" - Fang asked curiously.

"A power sphere. We have detected a very strong energy source here, an energy source that possibly comes from a power sphere"

"What's its name?"

"We don't know yet. Its identity is unknown at the moment, but it is highly likely that it is Gasbot, since the energy flow we detected is somehow related to gas."

"Gasbot? What power sphera is that?"

"Hmm..If I remember correctly, Gasbot has the ability to create any kind of gas, but I'm pretty sure that it can't make this .."-Boboiboy said, pointing at the black forcefield surrounding them.

"Indeed, Gasbot's ability allows it to generate any kind of gas, but it can't create a force field like this. To be honest, I don't know where this thing comes from, or rather, what made it?"Amato said, confirming that Boboiboy's words were true. Honestly, he was a little surprised when hearing his son say that, deep in his heart he felt a little impressed and proud.

Six years. Six years being separated, when he met his son, his beloved son was no longer the innocent boy he used to know, but became a famous hero. Not only on Earth, the whole galaxy has known about him through the outstanding achievements and boundless kindness. Putting him under Tok Aba's management and upbringing was indeed not in vain.

Lost in his thoughts, Amato was not alert when something sprang out of the darkness, rushing towards him. By the time he realized it, the thing had jumped up, ready to grab his head.

"Kuasa Elemental! Boboiboy Earthquake!"

"Earth Barrier!"-An earth wall suddenly appeared in front of Amato, stopping the other thing in time. The thing jumped to the ground, growling at them. From the dark, Boboiboy saw something come out. Surprisingly, he recognized this person as soon as he saw him.


"Long time no see, Boboiboy!"-Gijimo gave a creepy laugh. Amato know this alien guy, he also know that he was captured before by his son's team. But so far, he hasn't receive any reports saying that Gijimo has escaped.

"Surprise, isn't it? Tapops security system really is a piece of crap, I just have to hack it a little and it is already down-"



Quake transforms back into Boboiboy, furiously rushing towards Gijimo, who was still surprised when he was suddenly interrupted. Even without using his power, Boboiboy's speed is still very fast. Compared to Halilintar and Solar's speed, it can be said to be almost the same. In a flash, he was behind Gijimo before he even know what just happened.

"Kuasa Elemental! Boboiboy Halilintar!"_A slash of the sword slashed down on Gijimo causing him an excruciating pain. Each slash slashed down his body causing him to scream. Gijimo knows that Boboiboy is so strong that even Retak'ka can't defeat him. He knew he had no chance of winning, but his hatred for Boboiboy was so great that it prompted him to come and face him. If the creature hadn't attacked from behind Halilintar, his chance of dying on the spot would surely be 100 percent.

Halilintar was grabbed by the beast from behind. He pulled it away from him easily, slashed it with his sword a few times, then violently threw it next to Gijimo, who was unconscious. Approaching them, he calmly poked the monster with his sword. After a while, he turned to his friends and father.

"They're not dead yet."

"Oh my God..."

"He's getting more and more violent...."


Amato looked at his son casually standing there poking the two 'dead' bodies on the ground as if he hadn't done anything wrong. Being Boboiboy's father, he really had nothing to say about this.

"So, shall we continue?" After a while, Halilintar turns back into Boboiboy and walks over to the others.

"Yeah, let's go..." - Amato said. They continued walking, they discovered that the gas was increasing. Finally, they reached the location where Amato's detector pointed. The red aura gathered here, and they were unable to see through it. Boboiboy pulled a small stick from his pocket and pressed the button on the stick. It suddenly lengthened and light up. He took several of these out of his pocket and gave them to each of them.

"We'll split up and find the power sphera, use this to light the way. If anyone finds it, let the others know. Got it?"


You're still awake?

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