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Grace's POV

Here's the thing. Finding Ellie in my bed, holding me and hugging me has been a daily thing. I don't know if she wakes up for a midnight snack everytime or if she comes to check on me but I've been having constant nightmares about my dad.

Maybe it's because I miss him so much but some of these are good but most of them are bad. Just flashbacks of what I saw, the loud thunder outside, my mom trying not to cry, the guy with gun held up in shock of what he did, the cops pulling him away and him not even fighting back or trying to run.

Ellie makes me feel better by hugging me but I have to ask her to go back to her room everytime which hurts me and obviously hurts her.

"Hey I brought you coffee" I said giving it to Ellie as she stood next to her best friend Courtney in the place where some of us stay at waiting for their classes.

She smiled and took it from me "I'm sorry I didn't get you any, I didn't know you were gonna be here-" Courtney cut me off "I don't care"

Ellie pushed her slightly "be nice" she said. I looked down "thank you for the coffee" Ellie said, I smiled and looked up at her "of course"

"Hey" I felt Camila's lips make contact with my cheek "I brought you coffee" she said but I showed her the coffee I got for myself.

She looked at Ellie "you again" she said making Ellie smile "nice to see you again Cami" Camila rolled her eyes and looked at Courtney, a smile forming on her face "and you too.." she said.

Courtney smiled then rolled her eyes "why are you friends with her?" Courtney asked Ellie. Ellie smiled and stood next to Camila, wrapping her arm around her shoulder "because she's Cami" she really likes annoying Camila.

But Camila didn't seem to care this time, she just looked at Courtney and smiled, forgetting we're even around her and looked at Courtney like she's the only one around "how do you now each other?" I asked.

"I bumped into her yesterday and she kicked me down there which really hurt by the way" she said still smiling at Courtney, Courtney nodded "that was the point"

We were talking for a bit then suddenly I felt a ball come towards my face but it didn't hit me, it got pushed away. Ellie groaned and held her fingers "holy fucking shit" she said.

I looked at her "are you okay?" I asked, I took her hand and looked down at it to see her fingers turning slightly purple "I hit that shit with my fingers and it hurts"

"You could've caught it" some guy said, taking the ball "I know asshole but the first thing that came to mind was having to push it away from her face, not the way I was gonna do it"

"Or you're just a..woman" he said turning around and walking away. She pulled her hand away from me "come and say that to my face right now, I fucking dare you" she said and I got closer to her, wanting to stop her from doing anything stupid.

He turned around and came towards her, he was a little taller than her "you're a woman and women can't do things men do-" she took the ball from him and kicked it really far away, looking back at him "say that again and I'll kick another ball also catching a ball doesn't need a lot of effort so don't think you're spider man if you catch it"

"Men are known for being stronger than women" she shook her head "men are known for being dumber than women and you're certainly not a man if you do this kind of shit, you're just a little boy thinking he's cool by talking shit about women like this when his fucking mother is a woman, don't forget that"

He laughed "so? She took care of me, that's what a mother should do" he said, none of his friends even agreeing with him, they just looked awkwardly at him.

"She pushed this big ass head out of her vagina, that's an accomplishment itself" she said making me, Courtney and Camila laugh.

"Dude what are you doing?" One of his friends said, he turned to look at him "I'm doing what every man would've done" he said, the other guy shook his head "bro you could just apologize and walk away, don't be an asshole"

"Listen to your friend or I promise you, I will-" I pulled Ellie back, stopping her from threatening him "just calm down, he'll walk away if you show no interest in what he says"

She let out a deep breathe and looked at me "are you okay?" She asked, I nodded "yeah it didn't touch me, are you okay?" I asked, she laughed "I honestly don't feel my fingers so I guess I'm okay"

"Also you not being with women rights isn't a flex babe, you're just showing toxic masculinity which we obviously don't need in life" Courtney stepped in, saying that to the guy.

"Oh come on, like you guys are with women rights" he said to his friends. One of them put his hands up "well I know I am so peace out asshole" he said walking away from him.

"And that's why he's hot" Courtney said about the guy that just walked away. Some of his friends walked away and he looked at us "you're just bitches"

Ellie laughed "this bitch has a bigger dick than yours so bye" she said about herself, he just walked away when he didn't know what to say back to her.

I looked at Camila who was talking to Courtney about something "my next class is about to start so I have to go" I said to Camila but she didn't hear me "okay" I looked at Ellie who smiled at me after responding to me, not wanting me to feel awkward.

I smiled and nodded, looking at Camila one last time then walking away.

What is up with Camila? Is it me? Did I do something wrong that made her not want me anymore?

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