Flash Back

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Authors Pov

While parking the car man in his late twenties , side glanced towards his wife and complimented,

"You look gorgeous today."

The said women snort.

"Yes , you noticed now when we are right in front of the Kim's mansion!?"


The smug look on the man's face turns into a soft smile hearing his eldest son call.

The couple turn on the request to be met by the most adorable sight,

Their eldest son was rubbing his big doe eyes with his small palm while the second youngest head was resting on his shoulder and the youngest was completely cuddled to the mid.

"Baby we are already here."

She ignores the small nod which she received from her son when she heard a soft knock on her window which is shaded.


The man in driver seat can't stop laughing after hearing intense scream of his women.

The man looks back hearing whines from his two sons when the eldest snatch their hands while they were trying to rub sleep from their eyes , he softly smiles and say,

"Out everyone."

The frighten women clutches her heart while knocking softly on her window as a response , asking her childhood friend to move back.

"Long time no see bro."

Another young man also in his late twenties run to his long time no see bro.

They hug like they haven't met for lives.

On the other side two pretty women giggles on seeing the scenes played in front of them.

The women who had just arrived to the Kim's mansion knees down and pats the head of small boy who is still clutching to his mom's frill frock like he will die if he loosen a bit.

"Where are the kids Jaei?"

The said women stands on her leg to open the back door , indicating her son's to get down.

A very small bunny tooth boy get down following his two elder brothers.

The women name Jaein , picks her small cat looking boy while a man name Kun picks up his bunny.

Jin holds his mother hand tighter when he makes an eye contact with the boy right in front of him.

"Let's get in."

Everyone nods on Mr.Kim's statement.

Everyone was seated in a big living room with comfy couches.

"Jin why don't you introduce yourself , hmmm???"

The said boy's mom asked.

Now slightly shy boy nods.

He first bows 90 degree and then institute,

"Annyeonghaseyo , I'm Min Seok Jin , Eldest son of Min Chun Kun."

The wife of said man pokes his son who was trying to get comfier in his mother's embrace.

He looks at his mother for the topic.

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