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Grace's POV

"I haven't seen you with Camila for a while" I looked at Ellie and rolled my eyes "don't act like you don't know that she's hanging out with your best friend. I know you hate me but you don't have to keep reminding me that I'm losing Camila"

"I don't hate you" she said closing the fridge and coming closer to me "yeah right. Like the few months we spent together as roommates made you like me after you bullied me for years"

I wanted to walk away but she held my arm and turned me around "don't talk to me like that" I pulled my arm away from her "I'm tired of you thinking that you're in control of everything. You're nice to me one minute and the other one you're not-"

"I was just being fucking nice but you assumed I still fucking hate you since high school. Maybe I changed or is it sooo hard to believe that I changed?!" She dragged the 'so' and stepped closer to me.

"You ruined my life so yeah it's fucking hard to believe that you changed!" I yelled back. I'm done with shutting up and letting everyone talk shit about me while doing nothing about it.

"I'm sorry for ruining your fucking life! What am I supposed to do about something that happened in the past?! Not that I can ever go back in time and if I could I would've dealt with things differently!"

She breathed heavily, trying to fight back the tears that were in her eyes. She was hurt when she bullied me and the way she looks right now shows it but she still could've did something else other than make me hate myself for existing.

"I was jealous" she said laughing, I frowned my eyebrows not know why she was jealous. She's extremely pretty, her skin is soft and clear, her light eyes always sparkling, her silver long hair always being perfect..she was pure perfection standing in front of me.

"Were you jealous of...me?" I asked, not knowing how to break the silence. She laughed and shrugged "I mean that's a part of it yeah"

She pulled the chair out and sat down, resting back and sighing "why?" I asked her, getting closer to her.

"You were always so fucking happy. You had this amazing family, your little sister, your dad, your mom. I have no one Grace, I'm tired of being lonely"

I want her to keep talking. I don't want to bring up the fact that my dad passed away, at least not yet. I want her to continue opening up to me.

I pulled a chair so I can sit in front of her, leaving some space, I wanted to hold her hand or hug her but I know she doesn't like physical affection that much.

"I never had a childhood. I never met my parents. I kept being transferred from school to school and I've been in foster care for so long but I was so tired in there. It was nice but I wanted to see the world, I wanted to live but leaving it at the age of 16 was the worst decision I have ever made"

I saw a tear come down her cheek but she wiped it immediately "I left it then I realized the world isn't a great place as it seems or most likely the people in it aren't as great as they seem. I worked in a coffee shop and studied, while sleeping in different motels trying to figure out what I'm gonna do with my life if I get to college.."

"..I was lost but I didn't want to think of things that will happen in years as much as I had to think of the fact that tomorrow I might not have a proper meal to eat because of the money I have. I had to work for long hours just to get what I needed, the main things like food..clothes and a place to sleep at"

"Then Courtney came into the picture. Her family took care of me like I'm a part of their family but I still felt like there was something missing. I still missed the feeling of ever going out with my mom or dad and I always questioned the reason they left me without getting to even know me. I know I'm a bitch right now but I wouldn't have been like this if I had parents to look after me and parents to teach me what's wrong and what's right"

Her words make more sense every time she speaks. She's been through a lot and I hate myself more right now for judging her. She hurt me but she's been hurting for really long.

The "dad" she's talking about is one of my dad's friends. My dad passed away before I even got to high school but one of his friends always tried his best to pick me up, take me places, make me feel like I still have a dad but my dad..he's a special man to me he will never be replaced.

"That's not my dad" she looked up at me and tilted her head to the side, confused "that's one of his friends. He passed away when I was 14" her face expressions softened then suddenly her eyes just lost any sign of emotions, they were just piercing into my eyes with absolutely no emotions.

"Well that worked" she said laughing. I frowned my eyebrows at how ignorant she is at what I just said. It's like she cared for a few seconds then didn't "what does that mean?"

"I lied" I wanted to cry at this point. Why did she make all of this up?

She stood up "oh welp that was fun" she said wanting to walk away. I stood up, holding her arm and making her turn around "nothing you said was true?"

She laughed and got closer to me, looking down at me and giving me a sympathetic look "no" she smiled devilishly and backed away "why did you lie?"

"Because I wanted to know what's your problem. Why you flinch, why you barely do anything. I'm guessing your dad was murdered?" I clenched my jaw and went towards her, slapping her across her face.

She faced the other way from the force of the slap, laughing and looking back at me "so that's a yes" she said.

She walked towards the door "see you later" she said to annoy me, opening the door and leaving the dorm.

I can't believe this.

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