Chapter 31

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Yulia's POV:

As soon as I opened my eyes, the scene from yesterday immediately replayed in my head.

I’m really crazy. 

I wasn’t drunk. And I can’t believe I repeated such a thing with the villain while being sober.

When I tried to move my body, the muscles all over my body were screaming. 

This signifies that yesterday’s incident wasn’t just an illusion. When I realized this, my body hurt more than before. 


I was so ignorant. 

Still, it was fortunate that he heeded my wish of not leaving a trace on my body where people could see.

Wait, how could I be glad about that?

I’m drained, and could only lift a finger.

I really felt like I couldn’t get out of bed. 

How could I take that as a kindness?

I doubted my definition of kindness.

“He’s not gentle at all.”

As expected, the reason why I should never get married has been added. 

I’m sure he’ll be more ignorant if we get married.

I didn’t even feel that he treated me preciously this time.

Rather, I could feel the depth of his possessive desire. 

“It hurts so much…” 

I gave up moving. 

If I stay like this for a long time, I can move gradually. 

Seeing the sun rising in the sky, I could guess that morning was over and it was time for lunch.

Sometimes I slept in like today, so they didn’t think it was strange. So I chose to relax more. 

Ahm… I really didn’t have any power left to move. 


“I woke up already.”

“Duke Siegbert said he wanted to see you.”

“Say that I’m still sleeping.”

“That’s what I’ve already said. But he said he’d wait until you woke up.” 

I can’t believe that it’s not enough to bother me last night. How could he come again that day?

He’s really the devil.

“I’ll go now. But I need to change first.” 

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what I wear when I meet him, but I have to think of other people.

I’ve already seen him naked, but I can’t meet him in my pajamas because he’s not my family member or a fiance.

“I guided him to the drawing room”. 

“Yes, good job. And don’t worry too much, nanny. I’ll figure it out.” 

“But… princess. Your hands are shaking a lot.”


I thought I hid it well, but that’s not the case.

“Princess. Wouldn’t it be better not to see him if you’re nervous like this?” 

“I think he will wait until I come out.” 

Or he might come again at night. 

I didn’t want him to come again at night.

I also want to figure out why he came in broad daylight. 

Why did he come here again? 

Didn’t we finish talking last night? 

“Nanny, please don’t tell anybody.”

“… Are you going to be fine?” 

“There’s no reason not to be fine.” 

“But… your face seems very tired.” 

Is my condition that serious? 

I know yesterday’s aftermath will remain intact, but is it that serious?

“No, I’m fine, nanny.” 

I tried hard to smile at my nanny and went into the drawing room. 

When I entered the drawing room, I could see him. His face looking out the window reminded me of an alluring devil that seduced humans. 


See you tomorrow

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