Family Day pt 1

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*Steve bangs on the door*
Steve- Y/N!! Don't!!
*You laugh and tell Bucky*
Bucky- No way?!? Stevie come on?! You're better than that!
*You hear Steve sigh.. he is about to hit the door again when you use the remote and open the door.. he comes falling through*
Steve- a warning would have been nice..
*You laugh and he walks closer.. Bucky hugs you tighter and pulls the blanket up so Steve doesn't see anything*
Steve- I wasn't actually comparing.. *He sighs* it all just so new and I was examining it and then I thought- oh whatever..
*You laugh and Bucky kisses your cheek.. he's been looking at you and just rubbing your body the whole time*
Bucky- hey Stevie do you mind?? We were kinda starting something *He motions between you two and you snuggle into his chest*
Steve- Yeah yeah.. you're always starting something.. *He laughs and walks out.. you laugh and Bucky kisses you*
Bucky- so where were we??
*You giggle and Bucky runs his hand along your body..  Grant starts talking and pulling up
on his crib.. you chuckle and kiss Bucky*
Y/N- I think the moments past..
*Bucky pouts and try's to convince you*
Bucky- No no no.. *He smiles and kisses you* the moment hasn't past. It's still here! And I'll be really quick.. huh??
*He tickles you and you laugh*
Y/N- sorry babe..
*You get up and throw on some underwear and one of Bucky's shirts*
Y/N- go grab Grant..
*Bucky looks at you*
Bucky- I kinda got a situation here baby girl *He motions to the growing bulge in his sweats.. you laugh*
Y/N- I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant..
*Bucky acts dramatic and goes to get Grant.. he smiles as he sits back down and kisses you*
Bucky- you know I just tease..
*You nod and take Grant*
Y/N- I know baby...
*Grant bounces around on the bed and squeals. He rubs his head against your belly and laughs when Winnie moves. You and Bucky watch.. you look at Bucky*
Y/N- how about we have a family day?? Soak up every moment that our Little wolf is an only child..
*Bucky looks at you and hums while he nods. You pick up Grant and kiss him*
Y/N- you wanna have a family day?? Huh?
*Grant laughs and jumps*
Bucky- Alright little Wolf.. let's get ready..
*Bucky helps you out of bed*
Y/N- ugh... I'm getting bigger and bigger by the day..
Bucky- And Winnie is growing stronger and stronger everyday.. *He smiles and kisses you* you're amazing baby..
*You smile and start to get dressed*
Y/N- alright.. my men ready?!
*Bucky is following Grant around as he crawls around your room.. Grant crawls over and grabs your pants leg.. he pulls up and hits your thigh.. and laugh and pick him up.. Bucky looks at you*
Bucky- huh... now you can lift him..*He borrows his eyes and teases you*
Y/N- What.. I'm pregnant not dead.. *You smile and tease.. Bucky spanks you and follows you out of the room*

*You go to find Nat and Steve to let them know you and Bucky will be gone most of the day. You knock on the door and you hear a muffled answer.. it sounded like "come in".. you walk in
Y/N- hey Nat- oh god!
*You quickly turn around as Nat stands up.. she was kneeling in front of Steve and Steve's pants were open*
Steve- knock much?!
*You turn around filled with pregnancy rage*
Y/N- oh don't even "star spangled boy"! You ruined a perfect moment for me and Bucky this morning!
Nat- true!
*Steve looks at her.. his pants are still open*
Y/N- Come on Steve *you motion to his pants and he quickly buttons them as Bucky walks in*
Bucky- oh getting y/n's opinion too?? *Bucky teases and Steve rolls his eyes* well you two move fast.. I thought you were mad at Nat. *He laughs and Nat chuckles*
Nat- He was.. is. I said I'd give him a teary if he stopped pouting.. give him something that wand really doesn't get..
*You and Bucky laugh and Steve shakes his head*
Steve- can we help you??
Bucky- yeah we're gonna be gone most of the day.. we will have Grant as well.. so please don't need us. We are having a family day.
*Bucky smiles and wraps you in his arms*
Nat- oh cute!!
Steve- got it.. enjoy your day..
Nat- oh Stevie calm down.. we will finish once they're gone.
*Steve sighs and chuckles*
Y/N- bye!
*You, Bucky, and Grant head out for your family day*

‼️Sorry guys, I've been dealing with the stomach flu all day.. 🤢🥴 and this was all I could muster.. Steve and Nat's wedding Tiktok was to be posted today so I spent all my energy on that.. hopefully I'll be feeling better by tomorrow and we can get back our regularly scheduled program! Updates may be late these next 3 days due to this bug.. 🤢 and because of Thanksgiving. Again I can't thank you all enough for the love you have for this story, it warms my heart and overwhelms me! 💙❤️🥰‼️

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