Chapter 56- jealousy, jealousy

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That whole afternoon Ginny, Ember, Luna, and Hermione spent their time trying on different dresses trying to find the perfect ones. Around the time it started to get dark outside they all had found the perfect dress with perfect accessories. The boys as well, but they were much quicker and didn't care as much.

The next couple of weeks went by in a blur. Everyone was getting more and more excited for the upcoming ball. People began to ask each other to go with them and it reminded everyone of last years Yule Ball.

Harry had already asked Ginny the day after the announcement of the ball in a very simple but cute way. Ron secretly asked Hermione embarrassed of anyone other than her seeing. And George had told everyone that he was "flying solo" for this one.

Fred had thought of asking Emberlynn but he wasn't sure is she'd want to, he wasn't pushing himself on her like usual ever since she admitted she didn't want him kissing anyone else. Yes, that's what he wanted but, he was extremely confused on why she had kept denying it rather then facing it head on and being with him. He wanted to give her space and time.

As soon as they all knew it, the ball was the next day. It had come so quickly and they all were ecstatic.

They all were spending time together in the library discussing the means of getting ready the next day and how it would all plan out. That's when Ember seen Fred throw a piece of paper to Angelina.

Yes, Ember was happy that Fred wasn't bugging her as usual about being in love with him, but she also hated it at the same time. She missed him teasing her about it every so often and she hated the fact that they hadn't spoke ever since Hogsmeade.

She watched as Angelina opened the note that Fred threw at her and grinned down at it then quickly glanced up at him nodding.

Ginny seen it as well and nudged Ember. "It probably was nothing"

Ever since Ginny and Ember made up, Ember had confessed to her that she was still in fact in love with Fred. Ginny wasn't surprised, she knew it all along but she was happy Ember wasn't denying it anymore.

Ember glanced over at her. "Nothing? I think he literally just asked her to the ball", she whispered back.

Ember looked back over at Angelina who was beaming. She had never had a problem with Angelina . . . until this. She wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but then again she knew of her and Fred's situation.

Ember stood up and began to grab her things to leave. Fred seen and watched as she angrily got up and left in a matter of seconds. He rolled his eyes and stood up to go walk after her.

She walked through the halls holding her books tightly to her chest when she quickly turned a corner and ran straight into Theo.

She hadn't spoken to Theo much either ever since that night many weeks ago. She knew if it were the other way around she wouldn't want to talk to her either, so she didn't bother him.

Theo laughed. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, sorry, I just was in a bit of hurry", she laughed back.

"I get it. Don't mean to stop you", he said stepping out of the way of her path.

She gazed at him. "I didn't mean it like that Theo"

He grinned, "I know love, it's quite alright"

"No no no. Seriously though, how have you been?", she asked genuinely.

"I've been . . . fine. Just fine. And you?", he questioned back.

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