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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH, 2021: 2:15 P.M.

"Class is dismissed and remember there's no school until December 6th enjoy your break, happy thanksgiving" Mrs. Chavez said causing the class to gather their things.

I was already packed up and headed out the door alone today I would be walking with Zohra, but we got into it two days ago and still haven't said a word to one another.

"Tribe, Tribe wait up" Bianca high pitched voice ass called out from behind me.

"Yes" I asked dryly turning around just to meet her boring face.

Ion wanna be rude and the you know what word so we just gone stick with that.

"I'm having a party tonight at club Celtic and I wanna know would you like to come" she said twirling her hair with her right pointer finger.

"Ion know I got things to do" I said straight up lying.

I ain't finna be doing shit, but thinking bout baby girl.

"Oh come on please, please" she said touching my arm when Zohra passed causing me to move back.

"Shawty don't touch me I gotta girl" I said mugging her.

"Yea, well I don't see her here so don't be shy come out there's gonna be strippers, drinks, food, and more" she said trying to get closer.

"Well his girl is right here and lay a finger on him again it's gonna be a problem" Zohra snapped causing me to look to the side of me and there she stood with her friends behind her.

"Oh be quiet Washington we all know Tribe wouldn't mess with the quiet girl" she said then her girls started laughing.

"You thought you ate that? You didn't and don't disrespect my lady before I get on yo ass ion know if you think this high school but this is medical school and it's key to pay attention and be quiet in class instead of worrying about which football player dick finna be in yo mouth by the end of the night and I'm in love with Washington something I'd never be with you" I snapped causing her face to drop then I grabbed Zohra's face and kissed her passionately.

"I'll see you at the house" I whispered against her lips.

"And he said what the fuck he said pussy hoe" Tommy chimed in.

"Ok, be safe" she said looking at me with a dazed look causing me to kiss her forehead then I made my way out the school.


"Tri" Zohra said coming from her bedroom causing me to pause my game.

"Aye, y'all I gotta go" I said into the mic.

"Nigga for what" Durk asked.

"My baby need my attention, bye" I said then I turned off the game and took off my headset.

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