A Date? (3)

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Mallow's POV

"You're so cute," I mumble more to myself than to him.

"You flatter me," he says and runs his hands through my hair.

"Oh, shut up. You know you're cute!" I huff and smack his chest lightly.

"I didn't know I was cute enough to score a date with you, mademoiselle," he informs and shrugs.

"This isn't a French restaurant, baby, get your languages right," I joke and peck his lips. "And you were always cute enough to score a date, you just never tried, dummy," I add.

"Hmm, better late than never, amorino mio," he states and rubs my back softly.

I don't know if I am the only one who thinks this but there is something exceptionally attractive about a guy who is multilingual.

After about 20 minutes, Walter comes in with our food and places it on the table in front of us, giving us both a warm smile.

"You two make a lovely couple," he remarks and causes me to blush.

Ethan chuckles and I hide in his chest and just peek out to look at Walter.

It wasn't that he had something wrong or inappropriate but I was pretty shy around new people in general and when people talked about Ethan. I blush easily and even more easily when I'm in either of those situations and this time, unfortunately, I was in both of them, at once.

"Thank you, Walter, for your kind compliment," Ethan says and strokes my hair soothingly.

"Uh huh, thank you, Walter," I agree and give him a small smile.

"Oh, you're shy, huh?" he asks and I, once again, hide into Ethan's chest and nod my head yes.

"Yeah, she's a little shy around new people and gets flustered easily. I'm sure she appreciates your sweet nature, though," Ethan responds and puts his arms protectively around me.

I internally thank him for helping me out in that situation but keep my head buried into him with a little smile on my face.

"Of course, sir. Enjoy your meal," Walter replies and I hear his footsteps getting fainter and finally come out of my hiding.

"Thank you," I say but keep holding his shirt in my hands.

"Of course, tesoruccio," he replies and chuckles at me gripping on to his shirt.

"Oh, sorry," I express as I realize I was gripping it a little too tightly and let it go.

"Don't be, cupcake. Should we start eating now?" he suggests and looks down at me.

I give him a slight nod and start eating my food, feeling all my internal worries settle down at the godly taste of pesto pasta.

"Mmm, it's yum!" I verbalize and close my eyes at the amazing taste.

"It sure is. Want some Risotto?" he offers, holding up some of it in front of my mouth.

I nod and open my mouth and he feeds me the bite. "This is so tasty!" I exclaim after eating it.

"Want some more?" he asks and holds up another bite.

I open my mouth again and eat the food as he feeds me.

"Wanna try some pasta?" I ask and pick some up and hold it up for him to eat.

He eats and gives a satisfying nod, feeding me more of his food.

"No! What will you have then?" I inquire and shake my head.

"I can get something else if you want to eat this, sweetness," he answers and eats the bite himself.

"Nuh uh, that's not right. I won't finish my food then," I inform and fiddle around with the fork in my plate.

"I can finish yours if you have changed your mind," he suggests and keeps eating his food.

"No no, I'll eat yummy Pesto Pasta!" I answer and feed him a bite of my food.

He takes the fork and holds up the pasta against my lips which I happily accept and eat.

He keeps feeding me and I grab some salad in between and give him some once in a while.

He manages to feed himself and me fairly well and soon enough, both our bellies are full.

"Dessert! I want dessert!" I declare like a kid and he smiles at me as Walter comes over again and, as expected, asks if we would like some desserts.

"Uh, cupcakes! And chocolate cake. Oh! I like lava cake too. Do you have ice cream?" I answer, getting lost in the world of desserts and not being able to choose one.

Ethan laughs at my excitement and says that we would, indeed, fancy some desserts.

"Ethan! Can I have all of them, please?" I practically beg, looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

"If you promise to finish them all in this sitting, sure," he answers and chuckles, knowing there was no way I could eat all that after eating pasta.

"Wellllllll," I drag on and he strokes my hair. "I can't decide, you choose!"

"How about chocolate cake and you can have ice cream later?" he offers and brushes some of the hair off my face.

"Yes, yes, so Walter, we would have some chocolate cake," I say and Walter smiles again.

"Give me a minute, I'll be back with your cake," he informs and leaves again.

"Yum yum cake will be here any minute!" I happily announce and feel like I am about to explode due to the happiness of getting a cake.

"Inside voice, micetta," he answers sternly and I instantly nod and go into a submissive headspace.

"Yes, daddy. Me sorry, will use inside voice now," I reply and snuggle up to him.

"Good girl," he praises me and brings his thumb near my lips.

I immediately take it in my mouth and start sucking on it, regressing a little and feeling myself relax.

I suck on it for a few minutes before taking it out of my mouth and smiling in contentment as he wipes his thumb. 

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