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Grace's POV

I figured it out. I figured out why I won't be rude or mean to anyone.

I'd rather be disrespected than be disrespectful. I'd rather be hurt than be the one to hurt.

I want my dad to look at me and say "that's my daughter" not look at me and be disappointed of who he raised. I want to make him proud or at least feel like I made him proud.

I want my mom to be proud of me too. I want her to look at me and smile, knowing she's the reason I've gone so far in my life.

I want my little sister to go around and tell people that I'm her sister and not act like I don't exist.

I want to be someone.

"Miss Rodriguez" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at my professor. She smiled "the class ended. You can leave now if you want.." she said kindly.

I nodded my head and started putting my things back in my bag. I left the class and went back to my dorm. I went to my room, not wanting to see Ellie even though when I walked in she was talking to me but I ignored her.

"I'm fucking talking to you" she held my arm and turned me around aggressively. She looked down at me "when I talk to you, you don't walk away from me. Do you understand?" Typical Ellie.

"I'm sorry" I said wanting to end this "what did you want?" I tried to be as calm as possible while I looked her in the eyes, not breaking the eye contact.

"I-I just wanted- I wanted to- fuck never mind" she said letting go of my arm and leaving the room from how frustrated she was. She wasn't able to say what she wanted to say and she kept stuttering..weird.

I shrugged it off and started studying, like the usual.


I woke up to people laughing and talking. I stood up and opened my door, peeking my head to see two adults, a woman and a man talking to Ellie.

I guessed it was Ellie's parents so I just went back to my room and tried to go back to sleep.

So she really did lie.


I was waiting for my next class to start. Sitting on a bench, the one me and Camila always sit on but this time it's just me.

I looked down, just waiting for my class to start when I heard Camila's voice. I looked up hoping she would be coming towards me but she was walking out of the class with Courtney..

I frowned and saw Courtney smile widely and hug the same two people I saw in the dorm.

Ellie smiled and went towards them "I missed you guys" Courtney said still hugging them. Ellie looked at me and her smile died, her eyes widened and she started looking nervous.

She looked back at Courtney "Courtney-" she kept calling for her but she was still talking to the two adults.

Camila looked at me and motioned for me to come towards them. I stood up and walked towards them, Camila smiled and kissed my cheek, wrapping her arm around my waist and pulling me closer to her.

"You didn't introduce us to the lovely lady here" the woman said smiling at me. I shook her hand "I'm Grace" I said politely even though I'm still confused on what the fuck is happening.

I shook the guy's hand and looked at Ellie who was looking around, trying to look at anything but look at us.

"I'm Carla and this is Marcus, Courtney's parents and I guess.." she wrapped her arm around Ellie's shoulder and pulled her closer to her "..you can say we're Ellie's parents too"

So she wasn't lying? What the fuck is happening?

"It's very nice to meet you" I said and they all just started talking. Ellie kept looking at me, I could see her from the corner of my eyes. I tried to act like I didn't care but I care for fuck's sake.

If she said that she lied then why did she say it? Is she ashamed? Or is she scared of someone knowing how she feels?

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