Important Note

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This is a very important note, please pay attention. 

Mallow's age is 19 and she regresses between the ages 1-4. She mostly regresses between 2-3. She regressed to 1 in the chapter 'Aftercare' and to 4 in 'A Date? (3)' for a very short while. 

The reason as to why she age regresses may be explained in the later chapters. 

Ethan is 20 and has been given the role of the caregiver. 


1. No smut or NSFW talk will be done when Mallow is in littlespace. 

2. The punishments will be implemented only for of the sake of discipline. There will be NO sexual meaning or intention behind it. 

3. The gentle kisses/pecks which might be exchanged when she is in littlespace will not have any sexual intentions either. They will purely be affectionate in the sense someone close is showing their affection to an actual baby.

4. This does NOT mean that there will be no NSFW scenes/talks. 

5. The scenes involving NSFW talk and/or scenes will be there BUT Mallow will NOT be in littlespace in them


1. The book is going through some editing but the content is going to remain the same so there's no need for you to read it all again in order to understand the forthcoming chapters. 

2. The editing will mostly involve removal of author's notes from the chapters. 

3. New pictures/gifs might be added at the start of the chapters to 'set the mood'. 

4. No hate will be tolerated so do not comment any hateful things. Don't like, don't read.

5. Please DM me or comment if you have any suggestions or requests!

That will be all for now. Thank you very much for your time. 

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