Chapter 25

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"Is that so?" He mumbles, only looking at my lips. I nod.

I quickly try to swing my fist at him. But he catches it and gives me a look that says 'nice try'.

I pull out a smaller gun and point it at his stomach, the front of the gun literally touching him.

Without breaking contact with me, he grabs onto it, wrapping his hands around mine. "Are you really going to kill me? I have to say, many have tried. It's not that easy." He says.

I look into both his eyes, back and forth.
And he does the same.

I hesitate. "Damn it." I mumble as I shove him off me. "I can't." I say as I shove my gun back into my pocket, aggravated.

He smiles.

"When did you get so cocky?" I ask.

"How did you find me?" He asks.

"Well, It took me 3 years. But finding your door took me 3 seconds." I say with sarcasm.

"Seriously, you did a poor job at hiding with the elevator right in front of your door." I say.

He smiles, but I don't.

"Look, I can't keep pretending that you aren't responsible for my fathers death." I mumble.

His smile falls.
I reach into my pocket and grab the note. I throw it at him and he catches it.

"My note? You still have this?" He asks, surprised. I roll my eyes.

"I spent too many hours looking at it. You can have it." I say, sitting down on his mattress, that was unharmed.

"Did you rip it and tape it back?" He asks, amused.

"I just want you to tell me that the note was a lie. Tell me you lied to me." I say shaking my head. "Tell me you lied so I can just kill you already." I mumble.

He sits down next to me. He tries to touch my arm in hopes to comfort me. I turn away from him.

He pauses before speaking. "It was never a lie. I loved you then and I still love you now." He says.

I look back at him. "But you knew that the non morto cremisi we're going to kill my father. That's why you wrote me the note, right?" I say standing up. I realize I have more anger in my voice.

He stands up as well. He shakes his head. "No. I wrote that note because I knew we wouldn't be able to be together and I wanted you to know."

"Cut the bullshit. I heard what you said at the wedding. You said I was nothing but a job. And you shoved me." I exclaim.

"You don't get it." He says.

"Then tell me!" I yell.

He runs his hand through his hair. "Look I know I owe you the explanation-" he begins.

"No shit. Now tell me. Before I really do kill you." I say as I pull my gun out and point it at him, using one hand.

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