Pocky challange

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Shinobu Kocho

You two pulled away at the same time 

"Hmm your lips tastes sweeter than the pocky" You lightly punched her arm while she smiled teasingly 

Mitsuri Kanroji

Honestly you pulled away first because you knew she wanted that pocky 

She happily ate the pocky while you warmly smiled at her cuteness 

Nezuko Kamado 

You pulled away first 

She looked so cute without her muzzle plus you were already full 

She ate the pocky happily and smiled victorious 

Kanao Tsuyuri 

None of you were flusterd at this. You both knew the point of the game but didn't think so much of it

You both just pulled away at the same time 

"Your lips are soft" You only giggled a bit and thanked her


Honestly she doesn't care if she wins or not

She's a demon so she doesn't need to eat anything

You were kinda nerveous while Daki seemed unfazed

You later pulled away 

Daki took the poki out of her mouth and handed it to you 

"I don't like it, now take it" You only nodded and ate the pocky (If you hate germs you declined) 

A/N:Short chapter and not alot of ideas. 

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