11- Baby photo

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Vivian pov

When I got home from my nails appointment I saw Bear and Ellie playing soccer outside. They both looked so happy. Ironic isn't it, the two children who hate me and who want nothing to do with me, opening up to one another.

I have tried to build a relationship with Bear but he has completely shut me out. But now that Michelle is back I will work to get both their trust. They both started to laugh after Bear tripped her. It made me smile at least they both now have someone in our family they can relate with.

I walked in to the empty house most of the family were out. "Hi mama" Mags said coming in the kitchen. "Hi baby" I said smiling at her while putting my bag on the kitchen table."I have a big announcement" she said excitedly while standing next to me.

"I'm all ears love" I said smiling at her. "I'm going to try out for glee club"she said confidently. I was stunned , Maggie was the shyest one out of all my children. "What changed your mind , last time we talked about trying out for glee you said you were too scared" I asked

"Well I sung with Michelle yesterday and she said she really thinks I will get in" she said happy. She sang in front of Michelle, she doesn't even want to sing in front of us.

I pulled her into a hug "I am so proud of you, and have all the confidence in the world that you will get in" I said. "Thank you mama" she said while smiling wide.

"What did you mean when u said you sang with Michelle?" I asked confused. "Yeah , she sings really good and she plays piano like super good." Mags said while taking a bit out of a apple.

"I didn't know" I said kind of feeling sad that I know absolutely nothing about my daughter. Maggie noticed and said "I'm sure she'll start to open up to you soon" she said to reassure me. I just smiled and nodded. But I don't think she is going to open up to me any time soon.

Michelle pov

After Bear tripped me and we laughed for a while he got up and helped me up. He took my hand and led me to 2 swings that was surrounded with flowers. We both sat on each of the swings.

"You've changed a lot since I last saw you." Bear said looking in front of him. "It wasn't my choice, but I had to change to survive." I said looking at the view. "What happened to you at that boarding school?" He asked looking at me sad and with sympathy.

I looked back "things no one should ever have to endure especially not a little kid" I said with disgust in my face just thinking of that hell hole. He understood that I wasn't going to say more so he just dropped it.

We sat there in silence watching as the sun disappear. It wasn't awkward silence but a comfortable silence. After a while he stood up. "We should probably go in , its getting dark and dinner is probably ready." He said starting to walk towards the house.

"Thank you for today" I said causing him to turn around. "You're my sister who I haven't seen in 11 years , I'll spend any day with you anytime." He said smiling and continued to walk.

I got up from the swing and followed Bear inside. Everyone was already in the dining room waiting for the food. "Did you have a good day?" Ricardo asked as we came in.

"Yup" Bear said putting his arm around my shoulder. I just rolled my eyes. I could see how some of them looked at us with jealousy. We both then took our seats and the food was brought out.

"So Maggie told me that she is going to try out for glee tomorrow." Vivian said breaking the awkward silence. Everyone was shocked,but quickly started to tell her that they are proud of her and sure she'll get in.

"What change your mind Mags?" Isabella asked while taking a bite of her steak. Maggie looked at me nervous, probably didn't want to say anything that would make me mad. I nodded so she knows its fine.

"Michelle kind of helped me over come my fear" she said smiling at me. I returned a smile.After that it was mostly silent they did ask me questions about tomorrow and if I'm ready for school. Cooper just glared at me, that dude gives me the creeps.

We all said our good nights, I made sure everything was packed and then video called Cammy, Eleanor and Nonna before I went to bed.

Ricardo pov

I've been at work all day, but my wife informed me that Michelle and Bear bonded today which made me happy. And also that she is a big part of the reason for little Mags coming out of her shell.

Me and my wife both agreed that we won't give her a bunch of rules. We did our research on her and she is a good kid and we don't want her to feel like a prisoner. I'm not worried about her finding out about the mafia because we don't really bring any of the work home.

I've noticed that Michelle doesn't really talk a lot ,and mostly keeps to herself. Hopefully soon we'll be able to break down that walls she keeps up.

I could see Ellie's rejection and hate towards us was difficult for my wife handle and I was concerned that she will have one of her episodes but she is handling herself well and drinking all her medication.

I was surprised when Ellie said she wanted to start school so soon. But I guess she wants things to get back to normal as possible.

When I got into our room my wife was sitting at the end of our bed holding a photo album and crying. "What's wrong mi amore? " I asked concerned walking over to her.

"Ric, I am a terrible mother" she said sniffing. I crouched in front of her holding her hand. She was looking at a album filled with our kids baby photos. The one photo in her hand was of Michelle.

"Yes you made a mistake my love ,and yes it hurt a lot of people in the process. But you admitted to making a mistake and are working on fixing it. And you are the best mother that I know and our kids look up to you , I have absolutely no doubt about that." I said wiping her tears away with my one hand.

"She was so small" she said rubbing with her finger over the baby photo. I stood up and sat next to my wife wrapping my arm around her. "Yeah I remember the doctors telling us that she isn't going to make it , that was the scariest time of our lives." I said while she laid her head in my shoulder.

"Yeah and then you threatened to kill them all if anything happens to her." She said sniffing. I smiled at the memory. I will always do anything to protect my family and kids they are my life.

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