~Chapter 12~

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"Y/n.." a soothing voice whispered.



You bolted up from your sleeping position in front of your door. What was that? You wondered to yourself. It must've been a dream, but what if it wasn't? Were you just hearing things? 

It wouldn't have been the first time. 

The light from the moon shown through the see through curtains and onto the ground. These were the times were you thought you would lose your mind. The silence pained you. The fact that it was so silent during the night that you could hear almost anything that would usually be quiet fall.

"Y/n" someone whispered again.

So I wasn't hearing things? 

You turned your head from side to side. Looking for any sort of life form. When you couldn't find anyone or anything, you looked up towards the ceiling as you sighed. You ruffled your hair, and then let your hands fall to the ground. 

I'm tired. 

Sometimes all you felt like you did was sleep. You felt like you never did anything productive, anything that would impact anyone. You wanted to change that. But not everything's that easy. Shutting your eyes after taking one last look at the moonlight, you thought about how your life has been going so far. Meaningless. 

You hated being stuck with your own thoughts. Those times were truly the worst. 


You had fallen into a deep sleep, the type of sleep that you would get once a month or so. It was the same dream again. The one with that girl. She called out your name as you continued to walk towards her, but you never got closer. 

But then, you decided to stop trying. The you in your dream just stopped walking. You stood there. As the girl continued to call your name over and over again. This time, the dream didn't turn into something more. All it was was a dark empty space, you, and that voice. 

Minutes passed, feeling like eternities. But you stayed still. Not budging. But as time seemed to go on, the voice grew louder. 

"Y/n," they whispered. Over, and over. Until it was so loud that you felt like your ear drums were going to burst. 

"Please stop," you managed to faintly say. "Please, just, stop."

You closed your eyes and fell to the ground.

"Y/n, you know I love you right?" the same voice said. You felt as if she was right there. Over your shoulder, whispering into your ear. "You know that I love you and would never do anything to hurt you...right? You know I would never leave you?" 

You tried to muster up a response, and when you finally came up with one, something stopped you from talking. It felt like you had a hand wrapped around your vocal cords. 

"I said, you know I love you right?" the voice spoke once again, the murderous intent visible in their tone of voice. Sounds of little children enjoying their lives. Their little voices and screams of happiness becoming more and more vibrant. 

"You see them right? They don't love you. They left you. All alone in this dark, empty space. With me." She said, the delight in her voice apparent. "You think they care enough to come check in on you every once in awhile like I do? Of course not," she said, a little giggle bursting out at the end. "You're mine. You're going to be with me for the rest of your life, so I suggest, sitting there, like a doll. Don't say a word, don't let me hear you breathing. I'd advise you listen to everything I say. Do everything I say. Do not disobey me. Because after all,

I'm the only one that loves you." 

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