Chapter 32

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There was no sense of urgency in the finals.

This was because the opponent who just received the knighthood withdrew.

When the knight in shining armor lowered his lance with a shiver, people booed him. The nobles, who were wasting their mana on the protection spells for fear of snow on the collars of their coats, booed at the loudest.

Seeing this, they themselves looked like they were barbarians whom they despised, and Juliana laughed in her heart.

On the other hand, Anna stamped her feet and got angry.

“How expensive are the seats here! Don’t you think we shouldn’t pay for this?”

“I paid for your seat.”

“Aha. Well, that’s true. The Duchess.”

Anna still drank her quince juice in a sullen manner.

Unlike those who were disappointed, Juliana’s heart became lighter. She thought that she didn’t have to worry about these finals anymore. She put her hands on her chest and pressed her pounding heart.

‘It’s working. It’s working. You can go home now. You should nag at Evan. I’m on my way!’

His way of getting rid of her followers was too radical. Juliana sighed, expressing some condolences to the dead.

‘I guess I was really reincarnated in this world. I’m a little too calm considering that people have died.’

Juliana felt a little guilty, but other than that, she smiled, looking pretty well.

The empire magicians also often participated in the often-occurring feuds with the barbarians.

In the past, Juliana Auburn did not participate in the war due to her physical fitness problems (half was an excuse, half was true). Juliana Auburn’s weak stamina was renowned for its reputation, but she was still a magician. She also had a terrifying ability to kill, which was called flame art.

Maybe that’s why?

Juliana couldn’t get rid of the thought that Lee Sian of her previous life, who was terrified of killing, and Juliana Auburn of her present life, who thought of killing casually, were the exquisite combination of her.

Wanting to shake off that strange feeling, Juliana said to Anna, who was deliberately sucking the quince juice.

“I’m going to the waiting room for a while.”

“Ah! The Duchess! I’ll go with you!”

‘You’re not going anywhere with a remnant of quince juice around your mouth,’ Juliana wanted to say, but she said instead.

“No, it’s close.”

After saying these words, Juliana stood up and went away. ‘The Duchess! The Duchess!’ She left with a slight disregard for Anna, who was about to follow her.

She wanted to meet Evan before the presenter came and said something about the award announcement.

For the past two days, he has not returned home under the pretext of working with the Imperial Knights after participating in the game.

One thing at a time, let’s go home first and nag later. With a firm heart, the woman was walking back and forth in search of the tent in the waiting room and finally spotted Evan entering the tent.


She called him out loud, but he didn’t hear her, so her husband walked into the tent with a blank face.

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