Chapter 57- the ball

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"What the hell is taking so long???", Lee yelled through the bathroom door as Ember and Ginny just barely finished up their makeup.

The girls smiled at each other through the mirror. They looked heavenly!

"We're done, we're done!", shouted Ginny back at him letting him know that it was okay to come in.

Lee opened up the door and gawked at them. "Holy mother of Merlin!"

The girls laughed, "Oh we know!", grinned Ginny.

As everyone had been getting ready for the ball Lee had come and knocked on their door wanting to get ready with them. At first the girls response was "hell no" but after reconsideration they realized they were none of his dates, so it didn't matter. And the rest of the boys were up in Fred and George's dorm getting ready.

Hermione was the first one to get her makeup done because she was beyond impatient to wait. She had also done Luna's. Not that Luna was impatient too but because Hermione insisted on helping her.

Ember walked out of the bathroom to see Hermione sitting on her bed staring at her beautiful gown laying beside her. Luna was also sitting down on Hermione's bed but instead playing with the curled ends of her long braid.

"Are you gonna put it on?", Ember asked Hermione while holding in her laugh.

Hermione glanced up at her. "No, I think I'll wait a bit. I mean the ball doesn't start until another hour so, I should wait right? Yeah, I should wait. Should I? I don't know. No no I think I'm going to put it on now"

Luna gazed up at her. "I feel your nervous energy Hermione. I think you should take some deep breaths"

Ginny walked out the bathroom to look at Mione. "You are insane when it comes to this stuff. You know it's okay to not be at every little thing right on time. I say we arrive at least 10 minutes late!"

Ember grinned, "To leave the boys waiting?"

"Well yes, but also to make a phenomenal entrance!"

Lee lounged in the neon green chair just admiring the girls conversation. "I think that's a great idea!"

Ginny scrunched her nose at him. "And that's precisely why I let you stay with us!"

"Why didn't you want to get ready with the boys though Lee?", questioned Hermione.

Lee bit the inside of his cheek while she asked her question. "Well because the boys are gits! All they talk about is how to tie a tie correctly, Quidditch, and other stupid shit"

Ember slipped her dress off of the hanger. "And what would you rather talk about?"

Lee smirked. "Sex!"

Hermione sighed. "I knew it"

Luna glared up at Lee. "Typical"

Ginny walked back into the bathroom. "I take back what I said about you Jordan"

Lee smacked his lips. "Oh come on! You guys can't tell me you guys don't talk about sex!"

"That's why you're here isn't it?!?", gasped Ember trying to hide her obvious smile.

Lee looked like a deer in headlights. "I-I-No! Of course n-not!!"

Ginny walked out of the bathroom with her wand in her hand. "You liar!"

Hermione's eyes bugged out. "Oh my god! The boys put you up to this!"

Lee gasped as he smiled widely making him cover his mouth trying to hide it. "I would never do that!", he muffled under his hand.

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