Marinette Howlett part 3

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After Marinette found out what she is thanks to her mother and stepfather, she found out that she is a mutant just like her biological father named James Logan Howlette aka Wolverine. So her family along with her true friends and her boyfriend are getting ready to move to New York City home to The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and many more heroes as well. 

Tom: Alright everything is all packed up and ready to hit the road or any case to the other side of the world.(Tom saids as he finished putting everything in the truck)

Sabine: Do we have everything dear?

Tom: Yup I made sure to check everything off the list and so far everything is in boxes and wrapped up.

Sabine: Good, I just can't believe we are seeing James after so many years I wonder how he is doing these days.

Tom: Hehehe if I know James he is probably fighting crime or probably at a bar like me and him use to hang out at all the time.

Sabine: Oh that man...

Meanwhile with Marinette:

Marinette: Ok check, check, check and check, everything is all packed up and the miraculous box is packed as well so everything on the list is finished.

Tikki: Are you excited to see your real father Marinette or should I care you Maria since that is your real name.

Marinette: Tikki you can call me whatever you like and yes I am excited to see him and to get out of this city of lies since I no long see it as the city of love anymore.(Marinette saids to her kwami)

Plagg: Hey kid, I am really sorry about my holder I thought he was the chosen one to be the cat hero but I guess I was wrong since he took that Liars side.

Ever since Adrien took Lila's side he hasn't been such a good partner to Ladybug since he always just flirts with her and always begging to go on a date with him and always keeps telling Marinette that Lila's lies are not hurting anyone over and over again in which is why his miraculous was taken away from him forever. 

Marinette: It is ok Plagg, it is not your fault that Adrien was a terrible host and I am just happy that I don't have to see him or anyone those sheep of Lila or Lila herself ever again.

Plagg: True on that!

Tikki: Just be glad that you getting a chance to start a brand new life in a bigger city.

Marinette: Yea I know, say Tikki do you think I should tell my father about you know about being Ladybug and what was going on in Paris these couple of years.

Tikki: I think it would be wise to tell him, since your parents already know about us already.

Marinette: Alright I will tell him when I am ready to speak

Plagg: Great great can we go now because I am bored listening to you two talking all day.

Marinette and Tikki: Oh shut up Plagg!

Marinette finished with her packing and brought all of her stuff downstairs and load it into the truck with her parents things and they got a text from both Luka, Chloe, and Kagami.

Sabine: Did someone text you sweetie?

Marinette: Yea it was from Luka, Chloe and Kagami saying that they are in New York now and already got their places so they waiting for us to come.

Tom: Well lets get a move on shale we and go pick up your other two friends Marinette.

Marinette: Oh yea Alya and Nino are flying with us!

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