Chapter Three

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Chapter Three: Imprint

Chapter Three: Imprint

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It was dark outside. Edward had left about 3 days ago. That was a huge relief. I put on some leggings and a black sweater. I was not about to wear hiking clothes.

I put on some tennis shoes. I then walked down the stairs. We are going into the woods to deal with the wench. I saw Jasper and jumped on his back.

He caught me. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"I don't know." I laugh slightly.

He dropped me onto the ground. I missed this.


I was running with my family chasing the red headed wench. I was the fastest of my family being tall and lean. I jumped from rock to rock. I was way ahead of my family. I heard some howls. I knew the shifters were coming.

I was hot on her tail. But the red headed she-devil just wouldn't slow. She always had this annoying thing that kept her alive. It was almost like her gift was to survive.

"ARTEMIS" Emmett yelled running up next to me.

"What Em?" I asked, still running.

"I just thought you could use some help" He smiled.

"You know I have never need help, right?" I smiled at him.

We were chasing her. She started to jump back and forth through the treaty line. That pissed me off. But I stayed on my side. I would rather not be the shifter's chew toy.

Emmett on the other hand thought this was a perfect moment to jump over. My idiot brother is trying to get himself killed. I jump pushing him back over to our side. Only problem was I was now on their side.

I was tackled by a grey and brown wolf. His paws beside my head me between them.

His growl coming close to my head snarling. I whimpered slightly, holding his jaw away from my face.

I looked into his eyes as he stared down at me. His face seemed to slack before he got off of me. I took the chance and ran back over to my side.

Paul POV

The big leech was jumping over. I went to tackle him when the blonde female I had never seen before pushed him out of the way. I growled. My paws on the sides of her heads. She whimpered trying to hold me away from her.

She turned and looked into my eyes. My whole life was planned out. Every kiss, every laugh we shared. Me holding her.

Thousands of steel cables connected me to her. The reason I breath, my center of gravity. This was my imprint. I imprinted on a vampire.

"Are you kidding me?" Jake growled in my head. "A leech."

I snapped at him. "Shut up!"

"Enough!" Sam yelled. "We'll deal with this later."

A million thoughts ran through my head. She's a vampire. My natural enemy, yet if anything happened to her I would go crazy.

I don't even know her name, and here I was ready to kill and die if need be for her. I hated it. I hated feeling like this.

By now she had already gotten back to her side.

Artemis POV

The wolf that had tackled me snapped his teeth at the russet one. I set my eyes on Victoria. I took off again.

I sped up and jumped on her. We rolled and she sent a kick to my stomach. I growled as I kicked her in the face. She didn't hesitate to run again. But before she ran she threw me. Emmett caught me.

"Stupid redheaded bloodsucking wench of a woman." I growled.

The black wolf looked at me. I gave a sheepish smile. "I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to cross the border." I state. The white and grey one snapped her teeth at me. I jump slightly. The same one that tackled me snapped at her. That was weird.

"Artemis didn't mean any harm, neither did Emmett." Carlisle spoke. The black wolf's head nodded slightly before they took off.

I couldn't help but look at the grey and brown wolf. His eyes were so human. I mean he was human for the most part. His eyes seemed to look over me. His eyes narrowed slightly at my arm.

I looked down and saw a trail of blood. It had already healed. I was more upset about my ripped sweater.

I wiped the blood from my arm. He then ran off to his pack. I walked over to Emmett cursing about my sweater.

"Really you're upset about your sweater?" He asked.

"Well I could care less if Victoria gets to Bella so." I wanted to curse and scream but my heart seemed not to be completely in it when I thought how much I hated Edward and Bella.

I shook off the thought, returning home. 

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