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Grace's POV

"I don't like her" I looked at Alexis and frowned at what she said about Camila that just walked to her class "why?"

"She just gives me bad vibes-" she was cut off by Ellie "hey" she said mostly towards me. I smiled "hi, Alexis this is my roommate Ellie"

Ellie turned to look at Alexis who put her hand out for Ellie to shake but she didn't so she slowly pulled her hand back. I looked at Ellie who now switched to look at me, smiling again.

"How was your first class?" She asked. I nodded "it was good"

We talked for a bit then Ellie looked at her watch "okay I have class now, I gotta go" she put her hand on my waist, placing a kiss on my cheek then walking away like it's nothing new and like she does it all the time but I was just left there shocked with a tingly feeling in my stomach.

"Now that..that's who I like" I looked back at Alexis "who Ellie?" I asked and she nodded her head "yep I like her not that Camila girl" she said making a disgusted face when she mentioned Camila's name.

"Why?" I laughed, wanting to know why she likes the person that didn't even say hi to her or shake her hand "because she was rude to me. That so called 'girlfriend' talked to me like she wanted to fuck me but Ellie..nah she's gonna be such a loyal person to you"

"But I'm not gonna date her because she bullied me in high school" I said. Alexis made a disgusted face again "I hate bullies, that girl though...anyways, What did she do to you?"

"She started rumors about me and people didn't want to be friends with me" I said sitting down on the bench, Alexis sitting beside me "did she say something to your face? Like call you names or say something rude?"

I tried to think of something..

"Look at that loser" one of Ellie's friends said, looking at me as I stood next to my locker. Ellie closed her locker "let's go" she said pulling her friends away and walking towards her class


"She's so fucking disgusting. Who even wears that?" I looked down at what Hannah, one of the cheerleaders said about me to her friends.

"Dude shut up, I'm trying to focus" Ellie said. I looked at her and she looked at me, an angry look still on her face but not to me..it looked like she was trying to hide some other kind emotion with anger like she always does, she's always mad.


I bumped into someone, making my books fall from me "watch where you fucking go asshole" Ellie said to me "I'm sorry"

"It's fine" she said annoyed, picking up my books and pushing them on my chest hardly making me hold them then she walked away.

"I don't..think so. She was just really mean to me but didn't really make some insensitive comments, she laughed at some things her friends said about me though"

"she seems like she's trying to make it up for you since she's being nice right now" Alexis said shrugging her shoulders "yeah probably"

"Okay I gotta go to my class.." she stood up and before she walked away she looked back at me "..also I'm gonna take you to a party today so get ready at 8"

She didn't even let me answer and walked away. I laughed and shook my head in disbelief, standing up going to take a little walk before my class starts.


"We're here" Alexis said, parking her car as we went to someone that lives out of the college dorms. Their house is almost 15 minutes away from college by car but it's a pretty big and fancy house, I wouldn't want to move into a dorm if I lived in this house.

I got out of the car and walked with Alexis to the inside of the house. People making out, dancing, drinking, smoking..everyone doing their own things.

"I'm gonna go to my friends. Wanna come with me?" She asked but I shook my head, I want to be able to defend myself when someone tries to do something, I don't want to be scared of anything or anyone either.

"Okay. If you need anything, you tell me. I'll be by the pool outside" I nodded and she left the house.

I went towards the table with the drinks and took a water then I felt hands on my waist "what is my pretty girl doing here?" I heard Ellie's soft low voice whisper into my ear.

"I'm here with my friend" I said letting her keep her hands on my waist, moving them closer to my stomach slowly "Alexis?"

"Mhm" I hummed, feeling Ellie's hands go under my shirt, on my bare stomach "and where is she right now?"

"With her friends. I told her to go" Ellie nodded and turned me around, her body touching mine as she looked down at me "you're staying with me beautiful lady, okay?"

I nodded, not being able to get any words out of my mouth or even say no to what she said. I don't mind staying with her and having a protective, strong person with me but still, I'm an adult now and I got to learn how to defend myself.

"Can we go outside? Or would you wanna stay here?" She asked. I shrugged "it doesn't matter, do whatever you want and I'll be with you"

She smiled and interlocked my fingers with hers, taking me outside to the pool. Guys were shirtless and girls were in bikinis, some had their full clothes on but was soaking wet from the water.

"Hey Paul" Ellie said fist bumping the shirtless guy who had a pretty smile, a six pack and brunette hair. He's handsome and looks like a very nice guy actually.

He looked at me, putting his hand out for me to shake "hello Miss, I'm Paul" he said politely as I shook his hand "I'm Grace"

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He looked at me, putting his hand out for me to shake "hello Miss, I'm Paul" he said politely as I shook his hand "I'm Grace"

"Ohhh the Grace?" He asked, saying it weirdly while looking at Ellie who looked down with a small smile on her face, trying to force it away but she couldn't.

She talked about me to her friends...

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