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"Cause it's a beautiful
night, we're looking for
something dumb to do
Hey baby, I think I
wanna marry you."

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Druig looks to Makkari as she counts her money at the dining table. He shakes his head and I set a plate of eggs between them.

He narrows his eyes at Makkari and signs "What else have you stolen besides money?"

"Why do you ask?"

He crosses his arms and Makkari scoops eggs onto her plate. Druig signs "I am just curious."

"I highly doubt that."

He sighs and signs "Come on, just show me what you've got."

"If something goes missing I know you stole it."

He nods and Makkari grabs her bag full of things. Just one bag out of the hundreds she has.

She slides out old artifacts and books. He seems uninterested. I turn and say "Can't you two do that after breakfast?"

Druig says "I'm just curious."

"I'm going to start sneezing from the dust if she keeps pulling things out of her bag."

He nods and Makkari slides out a box of necklaces. Druig leans towards the box curious. Makkari glares at him and slides it away. "Mine."

He shakes his head and signs "Is that all the jewelry you have?"

Makkari shakes her head and Druig signs discreetly "What about....rings?"

Makkari looks up abruptly and shakes her head "NO WAY. No freaking way. Are you going to ask her to marry you?! Noooo way."

Druig kicks her from under the table and shushes her. I look back at them confused as they smile innocently and widely. I turn back towards the bacon and Makkari kicks Druig's shin very roughly annoyed with him.

He bites his lip in attempt to stop a scream from escaping his mouth or a line of curse words.

Makkari signs "I have some rings but I will work on stealing a perfect one for Gaia. How are you going to propose?"

"I'm just gonna ask her."

Makkari swiftly kicks his shin again and he winces but hides it with a cough. Makkari shakes her head and signs "You need to do better then that. That's unacceptable. I expect something beautiful for Gaia. This is her first engagement it should be big and spectacular."

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