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Tia's POV

Ever since my eighteenth birthday I have been waiting to meet him. To find the my person. The one who I will spend the rest of my life loving. My mate.

Although I have been patient, knowing the Moon Goddess is waiting for the perfect time for us to cross paths, my wolf is getting tired of waiting.

"Todays the day I cant feel it!"  My wolf exclaims before I can even get out of bed.

"We'll see sky" I think, replying to my wolf.


"I'm coming mom!" I yell back to my beloved mother. Words cannot describe how much I love, and how grateful I am for her.

Even after my dad died in the a rouge attack, she always made sure I felt loved and protected.

I roll out of bed and run straight downstairs to see my mom pouring some orange juice for both me and herself.

She's dressed in a classy skirt with a white blouse and a blazer over it. Her hair was tied perfectly into an high bun with her bangs out.

I look like a bum standing next to her in my purple pajama pants and a white t-shirt. But working as Alpha Darren's personal assistant requires you to look your very best.

My mom notices me staring. "Good morning my love, come eat."  I sit down and she strikes up a conversation. "How did you sleep last night?"

"Good" I lie. I had the that recurring dream again. You know the usual, I find my mate, he rejects, then kills me and my family, which is just me and my mom. Nothing too serious. "How about you?"

"You know they say recurring dreams are messages right?" Sky, my wolf speaks up.

"That's just a myth. I'm sure our mate will love us" I think shutting up my wolf.

"I slept fine-" Her reply pulls me from my conversation with Sky. "Ah shit, I'm late! I have to go I'll see you later this evening. I love you so much." She says before kissing my head, grabbing her purse and keys, then running out the door.

"Love you more!" I yell. I feel guilty that she works so much to take care of me. Although I'm an adult she doesn't want me to work because she says I'm her baby and she needs to take care of me as long as she can.

I finish up my breakfast of bacon and eggs, then go upstairs to take a shower.


I prepare dinner as I wait for my mom to get home. I decided to make us teriyaki steak and rice.

I hear my mom come through the door and I walk into the living room. As soon as I see her, I notice her bloodshot eyes, and tear stained cheeks.

I run up to her and engulf her into a hug. "Mom what's wrong?" She shakes her head.

"It's nothing love I'm just tired" I see straight through the lie.

"Mom it's okay, you can tell me" we walk over to the couch.

"Information got out to rival packs, and I'm the only one who had access. They haven't decided that they will charge me for the problem, but I'm the only suspect, and I have no way to prove my innocence." I'm taken back at this who would accuse my mother, the worlds sweetest person, of betraying her pack?

"Mom, we'll figure it out. If they think it was you I can always work, you can find another job we will be okay." I say, trying to comfort her.

"If they choose to charge me of this crime, I won't just loose my job-"

"What do you mean?" I interrupt.

"They'll kill me."


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