Chapter 1

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Darren's POV
I cannot fucking believe that bitch is working for the Moonlight Pack, our biggest rival. She says she would never, but she's the only one who had access to the file while transporting it.

I slam my hands on my desk, and think about what I will do.

I have no choice, I must kill her. I'll make her suffer first though, she could be useful.

"Caelum!" I mindlink my beta, who happens to be my best friend since I was two.

"What do you need at 10 P.M. Darren!?!" He's clearly laying in bed thinking about when he's going to meet his mate or some shit. I honestly don't give a fuck about mates. Hopefully mind doesn't want me because I sure as hell won't want her.

"Get your ass up we're going to kill that betraying bitch" I say putting on my leather jacket and heading out the door.

"Yeah, yeah I'll meet you there." He replies then closes the link.

I race to my former assistant's house and I'm met with an amazing smell.

Tia's POV

I jolt awake hearing banging on my front door. As I head downstairs to see what's going on I'm hit with the wonderful smell of cinnamon and chocolate.

"It's him! It's him!" Sky says, mentally jumping up and down.

I sprint to the door and swing it open. I see Alpha Darren. My mate.

The cold wind hits my face, but all I can focus on is him

I take a step towards him, and say the only thing that comes out.


His beautiful features harden, as he strides towards me until I can feel his breath on my freezing cheeks.

"Get the fuck out of my face!"

I take a step back. I am so confused. "What?"

He pushes me out of the way of the door causing me to fall onto the floor. Beta Caelum rushes over to me to help me up. He gives me a look of sorrow.

"I'm so sorry about him." He apologizes

"It's not your fault," I frown.

He speeds over to the Alpha looking very angry. He roughly grabs his shirt. " WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" He realizes who he is talking to and backs down. "Look, all I'm saying is, that is your mate, do not throw away your shot with her.

Darren steps up to his Beta, "DON'T YOU EVER SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY AGAIN!"

At this point I was crying uncontrollably, and my mom had came down and started comforting me, ignoring our uninvited guests.

Alpha Darren walks up to us, shoved me back onto the floor and grabs my mother by her hair, then drags her out the front door.

Caelum and I are left in silence. I can tell he's mindlinking someone. I look in to his eyes and all I can see is sympathy and sadness. " I'm so sorry you have to go through this. He wants me to bring you with your mother. I'll be honest there's no saying what he'll do to her, but I doubt his wolf will let him hurt you too bad." He squats down so he can be eye to eye with me while sitting against the wall. "I promise that I'll try my best to protect you."

"Why?" Is all I can ask.

Caelum takes a seat next to me on the floor. "He thinks your mother is feeding information to rival packs and-"

"No, why are you doing this for me?" I clear up my question.

"I can tell how much you cared about finding your mate. Trust me, I can relate, every single night I lay awake wondering when I'll meet her, and what she'll be like, I can even imagine how much Darren just hurt you."

He pulls me into a hug and all I can say is "thank you".

"Always" he gives me a sad grin, then we walk out of the house.

Once in the car he says "Darren will probably put you in the dungeon, I'll see what you can do to get you out. I'm so, so sorry about your mother. Once Darren has his mind made up, there's no changing it."

Tears began rushing down my face once again. God, I hate crying in front of people. "He's going to kill her isn't he?" I let out with a sob.

"I'm sorry"

I take in a deep breath. "You can't do anything to change that. I'm beyond grateful for what you're doing for me."


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