Chapter 33

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So, the award ceremony was greatly disturbed due to the sudden visit of the emperor.

This was because the imperial couple, who came to watch the finals, canceled the award ceremony under the pretext of the fact that the finals did not take place.

On the long way back with Evan, Juliana was finally able to spit out what she had held back in the carriage where there was no one else.

"What's going on?!"

Evan said to Juliana, who demanded an answer with burning eyes, after a moment of thought.

"It's the Emperor's habit. In this childish way, he confirms the loyalty of his subjects."

"Loyalty? Why does the Emperor do such a thing? Oh, our families are devoted to the imperial family."

"Hmm...... Somehow I can understand the thoughts of those in power."

"Give up the gauntlet!"


The carriage reeled over the bumpy road and lurched forward. Because of that, Juliana had to hold onto the cushion tightly and tighten her toes so that she wouldn't fall forward.

And when it's all over-, she talked some gibberish as if swearing at the horse. Evan, who listened to Juliana's words, laughed.

"If I withdraw from the fight, the Emperor Lucian Val Ariakne will think that I gave up the fight because he is the emperor. You wouldn't want to set him on edge like that. And even if I beat His Majesty, it'll be a problem. If you hurt the Emperor, you'll become a great sinner. But, even if I lose lightly, they'll accuse me of losing on purpose. This time His Majesty Lucian used his brain."

"By any chance, do you know why the Emperor does that?"

"The young Emperor wants to cut the hair of the nobility whenever he thinks they have grown too long. Or maybe the empress doesn't want to see the Duke of Hilcheon on the podium giving the blue roses to the Duchess Juliana Auburn. You might think I overdid it this time with the civil actions and now I have to pay the price."

'It doesn't make sense.'

Juliana wrinkled her eyebrows gloomily.

"I honestly didn't care about the blue roses or the jousting contest. This happened because you interfered and participated in the contest to get rid of those fanatics who worshiped me. I told you, didn't I? I'll take care of it. I was going to find a way to defeat them myself."

Juliana's gloomy murmurs made Evan choose his words carefully for a moment, then he gently replied.

"As an excuse, I would like to say that I wanted to help you in this way. And as a more obvious excuse..... I wanted to kill them. That's all. Even though I was in the war, I was still thinking about the guys who dared to catch your gaze, and I couldn't stand it."

Juliana, who had been holding the cushion tightly until then, eventually laid her face down on the cushion. Evan said to his wife, who curled up in a cute position.



"Don't worry. I'm thinking of the way to properly listen to His Majesty's childish intentions."

Juliana said, looking up at her husband, who spoke lightly.

"How are you going to listen to? I hate it when you participate in this contest. Can't you just give up? You could've done a little pretending, just like you said. His Majesty's mood shouldn't be your concern."

Tears welled up in Juliana's beautiful bronze eyes. Tears dripping on her white cheeks disappeared three times as Juliana wiped them with her fingertips.

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