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Grace's POV

Paul is really nice. Ellie talked to him and a couple of people that came with us. Ellie kept her hand on my waist, keeping me very close to her.

I wanted to tell her that she can't being touchy with me because I'm still with Camila but I can't, I'm scared for some reason.

It's not that it makes me uncomfortable, I just don't like cheating whatsoever and I feel like letting her do this is bad too.

"Come on get in the pool!" Paul yelled after getting in. Ellie looked at me "no thanks. I'm out" I said wanting to walk away but she held my waist, lifting me off the ground and throwing me in the pool fully clothed.

I don't know how to swim is the first thing that came to mind. Ellie jumped in too and I poked my head out of the water, taking a sharp breathe and trying to not drown.

I wanted to cry because I was scared but I felt hands on my hips, pulling me closer to the person. Ellie smiled as I looked at her, my legs wrapped around her waist and my arms around her neck tightly, scared that she would let me go.

I'm scared of a lot of things..I know it's dumb sometimes but I just can't help it.

"You'll be okay princess. I'm here.." she said quietly, her arm wrapped around me as she moved her legs to keep us floating.

I giggled at the way she looked at me with a smile never leaving her face and moved her hair away from her face "I like the color of your hair" she said.

"I like yours" I said back. She laughed "it's not natural but your hair is, it's very beautiful" she said making me blush a little "I'm sure your natural hair is as beautiful as this one"

Am I doing something wrong by saying this? I hope not, I'm just trying to compliment her back.

"And I'm sure it won't be better than yours" she said smiling. I kept holding eye contact with her "I have nothing left to say" she laughed at what I said.

"Hey.." we both looked to our side, seeing Camila with a frown on her face "..what is happening here?" She asked.

"I can't swim" I said laughing, saying why we're in this position honestly. She nodded and kept glaring at Ellie who didn't care, still keeping me close to her.

"Can you take me to the edge of the pool please?" I asked Ellie, not wanting to make Camila annoyed or mad. Ellie looked at me, the adorable smile she had on her face while we were talking immediately disappearing as she nodded her head, taking me to the edge of the pool.

She lifted me up and got me out as she stayed in and looked up at me "thank you for not letting me die there" I said, she smiled and nodded "no problem"

I stood up, water dripping from my clothes. Camila put a towel around me "I'll see later" I said to Ellie, she nodded "yeah, see you"

I walked away, still outside "did she annoy you?" I shook my head and sat down on one of the chairs "where were you yesterday?" I asked her, she wasn't answering my texts or calls.

"With Courtney" I nodded my head and looked down, playing with my fingers then noticing the ring..it wasn't there, I was wearing it this morning, I like wearing it.

I stood up and let the towel fall from my shoulders "you can go to Courtney if you want" I said, my eyes being stuck to the ground trying to see if the ring just fell from me here.

"What are you looking for?" She asked, I looked at her "my ring. It's fine though, it's nothing important" I didn't tell her that the ring is from Ellie, I don't want to cause more trouble between the two of them.

"Okay then, I'm gonna go inside and get myself some drinks" she said and I nodded. She walked away and I started tracking my steps, looking for it.

I really care for it especially because it's from Ellie.

What if she gets mad? What if she thinks I'm just a kid that can't have something nice because they lose it? What if she thinks I'm not worthy of things like this?

Why do I care about what she thinks anyways. I don't care..I think.

I bumped into someone, the person holding me still "sorry I wasn't looking" I said looking up just to be met by Ellie's beautiful eyes. She smiled "it's okay princess, what's wrong? Did anything happen?"

I got frustrated and nervous. Should I tell her? Or would she be mad?

"Tell me. I won't get mad, I promise" she said putting some of my still wet hair behind my ear "I lost the ring you gave me but i don't know maybe it fell when you threw me in, I was wearing it and I take really good care of it but I don't know what happened-"

"Shut up" I stopped talking and took a deep breathe, looking at Ellie and I didn't know how to read her face expressions. Is she mad or not? I can't tell.

"We'll look for it and if we don't find it, I'll buy you another one so don't stress about it" I smiled widely and hugged her, putting my head on her chest as my arms wrapped around her waist.

"Thank you" I said. Her hand rubbed my back gently "of course" she said quietly, hugging me tightly and pulling me even closer to her.

We didn't pull back from the hug, I felt safe and comfortable and I'm hoping she was comfortable too.

"Ayo" we turned to the person to see Paul. He ran towards us wanting to push us into the pool but Ellie stepped back and pulled me with her which made him fall in the pool without touching me or Ellie.

We laughed at him as I gave Ellie my back so I can look at Paul. I didn't realize her hands were on my waist and I didn't mind having them there but I'm dating someone.

I turned around and stepped back "I'm gonna go look for the ring" I said, feeling a little awkward. She nodded "do you still want me to help you?"

"No I'll be fine.." she smiled weakly, knowing that she should stop doing these since I'm seeing someone but it might be hard on her considering she has feelings for me and I live with her too, I just want her to be happy.

I walked inside of the house and finally saw the ring under the table that had some drinks on it. I picked it up and put it on my ring finger. I smiled down at it, happy that I finally found it but when I lifted my head up my eyes immediately landed on Camila who was dancing with Courtney, really close to each other.

I waited..maybe she'll stop, maybe she'll remember that she's dating someone, maybe she'll think about how I'll feel but nothing, they just kept dancing really really close to each other.

I don't care if she thinks doing things like this are okay, I won't do them with someone else when I'm seeing someone.

I'm going to be the more mature person and not do anything with anyone other than Camila.

Let her do these things, I won't tell her to stop because I want her to realize that what she's doing is wrong without anyone telling her that it's wrong because the things that happen between me and Ellie, I know when they're not okay or okay but sometimes I just don't have the ability to tell her to stop because I'm dating someone else but I can't tell her because I feel like it might hurt her.

I don't want her to go through something harder than what she already went through.

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