Chapter 58- the one condition

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okay quick thing before chapter starts....smut warning ⚠️ if you don't like to read smut or anything like it then you should read maybe only half of this chapter

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"Fred, where are we going?", asked Angelina as he walked her through the portrait hole into the common room.

He shrugged, "Here"

Angelina looked around expecting to see something more. "Ok . . . why?"

Fred sat down in an armchair. "That's something you'll find out"

Angelina sat down on the sofa and rolled her eyes. "I want to go back to the ball if we're just going to sit here"

"Just be patient Johnson"

That's when they both heard footsteps walking through the portrait hole making Fred grin.

Ember walked into the common room laying eyes on both of them.

Fred stood up quickly. "This is not what it looks like"

"Oh fuck you both", muttered Ember running straight up the stairs towards her room.

Angelina smacked her lips lightly. "What did I ever do to her??"

Fred stood there dumbfounded. "You didn't"

Angelina stood up. "I'm leaving!"

The portrait hole entry opened up and George walked through. "Sorry I -"

Fred sighed. "About time!"

Angelina glanced between them both. "Okay . . . I'm gonna ask again. Why am I here?"

George smiled at her. "I wanted to apologize that I didn't ask you to go to the ball with me"

Angelina smiled to herself. "It's okay George"

"No it's not! That's why I made Fred bring you up here. I want to make it up to you", George grinned.

Angelina blushed. "Really??"

Fred rolled his eyes. "I'm leaving"

"Wait, where are you headed?", shouted George.

They both watched as Fred ran up the stairs towards Ember's room. "Emberlynn walked in on us sitting in here and I guess she got the wrong impression", whispered Angelina.

George made a face. "Ohhhh"


Fred bursts in her room to simply find her standing in the middle of the room. Ember glanced at him not surprised that he ran after her.

Fred closed the door behind him and leaned up against it. "I promise you Angelina and I weren't -"

"I don't care Fred", she said calmly.

"Okay well, I'm just saying . . . nothing happened. I brought her there for George. I know that sounds odd, but I'm telling the truth"

Ember nodded while staring off. "Okay"

"Can I ask you something?"

Ember looked at him then quickly looked away. "Go for it"

He leaned his head against the door as well. "Why were you running into the common room?"

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