Chapter 34

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The day of the finals.

It’s been a long time since the sky was so clear. It was a day without even a single dark cloud.

When the nobles, who were huddled together and looking down at the stadium in excitement, couldn’t see the most important person, one of them said.

“It’s going a little strange.”

“I know. I must say that the emperor is a bit grumpy. I didn’t expect he’d be this rough on the Duke of Hilcheon.”

“I thought he’d think of the face of Duke Hilcheon. Would you have expected the Duke to run away with his tail between his legs as things turned out like this?”

“I don’t think he wanted to run away.”

“Maybe he’s enjoying this kind of subtle disgrace. I can’t understand His Majesty’s true intentions. Whoo-hoo.”

“I don’t know if His Majesty wants to give the Empress a blue rose, but-.”

“No way. Give this ‘empress’ the blue rose?”

The nobles shut their mouths and glanced at each other.

The silence only lasted for a moment. Someone giggled. Laughter was mixed with silence alternately.

The current emperor, who was on the lookout for extravagance, took the most unwanted woman as a bride.

She came from a distant branch of the royal family tree, but her family had already declined in value, so she was a noblewoman in name only. Moreover, she stuttered.

In the Imperial Palace, where crawling and gossiping people lived, she withered like a dry orchid. What the empress needed according to the newspapers was a glass of water to quench her thirst, not the blue rose.

Unfortunately, even the first interest she received in a long time was unfavorable to the present empress. People pointed their fingers around, comparing the ordinary appearance of the empress with the beautiful appearance of Juliana Auburn.

For the empress, this was unfair. In terms of appearance, no one was as beautiful as Juliana Auburn, and no one was more beautiful than her.


And, the empress of rumors, who had not yet entered the stadium’s audience seats, was loitering around the back of the stadium.

She wore lots of fancy colorful decorations that were not suitable for her small figure.

As she looked carefully at herself, wondering if her hair was too heavy or her sleeves were too loose, she was actually looking for the opportunity not to enter the audience with Juliana Auburn. If the servant would find a quiet corner, she was going to squeeze into any hole.

Inwardly, she was discouraged from early on. There were no aristocrats who would dare to openly ignore the empress, but she had ears, so she was certain that they talked behind her back.

‘A dignified empress would have been admired right now, but…..’

Ereina, the empress, nicknamed ‘Eren’, thought sullenly.

‘No one here calls me Eren. They just call me the Empress. But they don’t respect me as an empress. It’s just an empty shell. So who am I? …..I don’t know. Your Majesty, why did you suddenly want to participate in this kind of competition-.’

“The Empress?”


The empress, who was loitering at the back of the stadium, was surprised by the sudden sound of the unfamiliar voice and turned around.

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